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this article was written by angel capital investment manager Xie Chenxing in twenty-first Century and authorized by Sohu IT. Reprinted, please indicate the source of Sohu IT and author’s name.

, a lot of people are asking me how much my own website can make. Now, let’s say, how much money does the site make with the following:

2. site traffic



Such as:

this is the most important, in general, the site, 1000 IP do popups, good 6 yuan 1000IP pop. If you flow has 1W, then one day 60, if there is 10W traffic, that day is 600 yuan.

Zhao Dong: ink weather rising from grassroots to internal disputes

fortunately, in addition to finding the correct direction, the two Pivot process, despite the loss of a number of team members, but the team left him trust him. He believes that this team of trust is very important for entrepreneurship.

do, such as novels, websites, movie sites, music websites, source stations, software stations, and so on..

ink weather before CTO Zhao East share ink weather >

shlf1314 Adsense, Ali Mama, sh419 theme, the first video. Text ads, image ads, FLASH video advertising. Personal feeling, if done well shlf1314 Adsense yes, of course you don’t want to make a lot of thousands of IP that is not possible, the best can do a few tens of W or above W flow then, you just make money.


the most popular mobile phone application "sing" CEO Chen Hua first introduced the "product design process and sing", and "sing" the success of this three firmly grasp the rigid demand: everyone needs to sing, want to be famous, and "grass root" see the beauty of the demand.


4. ad position

review: how to sing Pivot, ink weather from the grassroots to what the rise of internal strife, netqin overseas operation experience is how to get knowledge.

note: what is not normal or dump station can develop, but the normal station or the development of the one or two. This early earn less money, after a long time, many years down, the money can earn much more than that of brand-name. Of course, regular stations are also more difficult to do, difficult to operate, it depends on the method and patience…

Chen Hua: sing what success and lessons of Pivot

3. ad type

on how to profit, Chen Hua said temporarily didn’t do because income is to solve the copyright problem, but he never worry about making money, because there are already 9158 the annual income of one billion "flowers" mode makes the exploration very successful. But in product operations, he hopes to "sing" into a beautiful, clean community.

talks about the infringement that may be involved in singing, he says that he has bought most of the copyright of music, mainly the lyrics and composing rights of music.

on Friday, 91SPARK wireless salon held in "business cinema", sing the general manager CEO Chen Hua, former CTO ink weather Zhao Dong Qin and Business Intelligence Division Yang Xiao shared their different mobile Internet business on the road experience and lessons.

What types of websites does

finally states:

1. site type

in general, the primary to develop, the site is concise as well, general advertising is not too easy, and other sites developed, and some advertising might as well. Because the early flow is less, the more advertising, money can not earn much. And affect reading, affect the user’s mood. Such as flow, popularity, everyone familiar with, you put advertising money again, no one will say you what. Finally, to introduce my small station, www.xkzzz station, is spent last year to do, is a regular station.

regardless of the final success or failure, singing can go to the present process, very tortuous. Chen Hua revealed that the most scouring team experienced two Pivot, once a start-up at the beginning of the "mobile + buy" direction did not go through, in July 2011 to go to do coupons, still not reliable, and this is already in November 2011. The two time was in February 2012, from coupons to singing on the project.

about the business aspects of the problem, he believes that big company did not imagine so terrible, in fact, everyone in the mobile Internet on the starting line, there are no real barriers to the Internet industry, the most important is that the team can run faster than others, the execution of higher.

good advertising seat can earn a lot of money, is several times, that you are 50 yuan a day, if I put the seat advertisement well, can earn 3 times more money is 150 yuan. The bigger the flow significantly. Advertising design seat to know the operation of the user, the user’s feeling, imagine yourself as users, if reading and operation.

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