Aurora big data release O2O second half data reportYongqiang typist strong money making scam process

O2O 1

takeaway hungry to 57 million users with

China O2O to group purchase industry as the start, gradually into the public view; then O2O in all walks of life blossom everywhere; the emergence of a number of O2O concept of business travel, home decoration, wedding, home economics, education, tourism and other fields; at the same time, BAT and other giants in capital and Internet infrastructure payment, search, social networking, the advantage of a map have incoming

The development of

online part-time typist has really

1, mobile phone SMS scam: they would say to confirm your information, you will be sent to your mobile phone verification code, it is confirmed that several consecutive payment information, put your phone away! this method is seldom present.

The development of !


2: first, the margin will let you pay the deposit, the two sides have a trust relationship, you complete the first and second tasks they will to you on time payment of commissions and deposit in the third time, he will tell you to let you play an important document, you need to pay the deposit 1000 yuan you feel different, they and second for the first time they are honest, you will pay up unsuspecting, first and second times two is earned about 100 yuan, a thousand yuan, how much loss? you can still use this strategy, everywhere

2 after years of development, the O2O model has been applied to every aspect of life service scenarios

online part-time typist to

O2O industry subsidies drainage burn marketing long, cold in the capital, many scenes and low profit model is not clear O2O enterprises have fallen; giant O2O company also began heating; the development of the industry entered the bottleneck, Wang Xing put O2O into the "second half"; in the years of barbaric growth. O2O began to enter the intensive >

online part-time typist is really


three or four line people love more groups, sh419 takeaway users are mainly concentrated in a second tier cities

3, pull off the assembly line: they will allow you to promote a successful promotion of software, the software will give you much money, or how much you make you successful person become a regular employee of the company, I want to look, you don’t go to a launch when they like you, let a person to join, to continue to defraud, so to them such behavior as with MLM organizations to pull off the assembly line

group purchase market big Xinmei alone big, the total number of users more than 370 million


recently, the O2O industry turmoil constantly. Whether it is sh419 takeaway vice president Chen Jinhui announced his resignation, but the rumors still frequently offer sh419 takeaway SF settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, the second half of it seems to confirm the barbaric growth of O2O industry has entered the American CEO Wang Xing said. The leading mobile data service provider O2O released "Aurora in the second half, who laughs last report" O2O in the second half of the analysis, detailed analysis of the O2O industry in preexistence, report from the O2O market penetration, the number of active users, the number of new users, new users are retained resolution, user portrait and other dimensions. The following is a report excerpt, please complete the report to Aurora official website or concerned Aurora WeChat public number download.

typist scam operation process

their purpose is very clear, let you join them, they have their own software, let you help him to promote, no typing of this argument, the first purpose of them is to steal your money, you have to give them typing, they will let you pay a deposit of

a little sense of reality are not, in 2010 they deceived people very rampant, but so far they ran too many to count, in action, what is the purpose? Because they are playing the psychological warfare and we know, because of the Internet to make money more and more people will join the new, more and more people, you may just enter the Internet to make money in this circle, see that temptation may try, once touch, power developed, unfathomable

report highlights:

permeability and large new hungry have different rate of growth, sh419 and sh419 Nuomi takeaway both fell

1 O2O refers to the online and offline converged business model, that is, online to offline or offline to online

O2O touches every aspect of life services

women love O2O more, and the proportion of female users of each big APP is close to or more than 60%

O2O two



typing at home will be able to make money, a monthly income of 3000 yuan advertising such information for a newcomer will still believe, but for some a little knowledge of the Internet experience of the people that it is nonsense, if there is such a good thing we have not so many unemployed, we would not find not to make money friends, recently received a lot of friends forever to me for advice online part-time typist is really this topic, whether credible or not, my experience tells you that he is a fraud, if the money can be a lot of people typing money online, then there will be a lot of people complain that this does not make money the topic of

The development of

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