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2, right in.


Shu Youge: Shu Youge eyelash growth liquid, Shu Youge blackhead, Shu Youge makeups and other products are very popular, as long as you have a direct flow, can produce very high returns transformation.

left is conservative, which rely heavily on traditional resources, traditional resources feel better, can form the threshold and unique advantages, many flags do O2O are known to have many offline resources, backed by big backer. This problem should be analyzed and treated, depending on the breadth and depth of Know-how in the industry, whether it will form a threshold?.

Online To Offline, the line is a traditional business, to can be Online to Offline, is the line to line, it is the integration of online and offline; so said O2O is a combination of Internet and traditional industries, there is no doubt that this is the biggest trends in the next ten years, is that dividend and outlet.

welcome Taobao guest plus Q communication >

in the case of industry anxiety, many O2O stay in the Internet as a tool layer >

is extremely aggressive, like Internet thinking to solve everything, the Internet infinite great, just waiting to take over all industries. Compared with the internet light operation, traditional industries are hard, tall on the Internet Co difficult landing to perform, imagine, if the adjustment under the rule of the search engine, designed several sets of expressions can bring huge benefits, who would be willing to change tooling, in the decoration site, perspiration comes down like raindrops, printing workshop, production factory the classroom. Step back, even if the strategy is determined to enter, it is difficult to have this gene to perform on the "gene", in the subsequent no joke will write special paper. Recently encountered some IT or internet friends, have the impulse to do O2O, but all can not decide the heartbeat, dirty his hand, ha ha.

so, promotion of a shop no future, the key to see how you choose, choose to shop or commodity is the first step to success, and not the website do more all can be, I think in the future Taobao customers in the development process will be more reflected this point, the value of this new year are hereby issued.

, for example, buy and order the industry, the integration of information resources, and then said that he has many restaurants, in fact, of little value, their own restaurants can do is online ordering. But for the decoration, real estate, packaging, printing, education, intelligent hardware and other fields, many years of accumulation of industry formed highly vertical and in-depth, at this time, with a certain traditional resources, is very valuable. The left problems is unable to make a clean, to look at the traditional industry with a new perspective and thinking; at the same time, because the left leaning management team tied the hands and feet, the concept of collision caused the tragedy meet the eye everywhere.

this year, don’t talk about WeChat, millet, wearable, O2O, the ultimate single product, the product is king, free economic concepts will be despised without thinking of the Internet, haha. At the end of last year to participate in the annual meeting of the titanium media, simple exchange of entrepreneurial direction into account, after a period of time, do not know, do we know, the conclusion is "pit a lot, and some pits are unavoidable". From the beginning of this writing, O2O will gradually in-depth, accompanied by our own practice, record our practice gains.

1, left leaning.

I do station group, Taobao Plaza Hotel, API shopping guide Station, even with web search, I have to do, these are more popular before, and I can do is Zhongguizhongju, still a little effect, but to further success, only to study new ways. This way is from big to small, change from wide to narrow, I now extend a Taobao beauty shop — first about Shu Youge! Why I selected the shop: Shu Youge brand has been established, and even the emergence of a large number of fans. Commission Shu Youge is very high, this is also the basis for promotion. Shu Youge? Consumer response is quite good, this is also the basis of further promotion. Based on the several necessary basis, I started to promote Shu youge. In addition there is a long-term activity of shopkeeper, each month with full commission can take Shu Youge 100 ten percent, with 200 holding twenty percent, and so on, with the highest 50.


3, tools, not thinking.

Some products like

this is the map promotion effect in February, the Commission has 348 or so, then take thirty percent or more than 100, 10 days I have income 450 yuan, if the 30 day, and can deduct a percentage rose to fifty percent, my income is certainly a thousand.

I’m a Taobao and, like many people, started with 0. But I did a month to do a drill, and now has nearly 3 drilling. The so-called growth is very fast, but the monthly income is more and more fierce competition, with slowly, do not like before Taobao has been done, I want to say is a kind of quick money, but this money is very fast and stable.


shuyouge123.cn/ is the official website of Shu Youge do, with only a month to earn thousands of pages. The so-called know-how, in fact, is in the early selection of the above, there are good products, good conversion rate, naturally, is quite simple.

is also a month if you can get 700 yuan Shu Youge Commission, with additional 350 yuan, which is 1050 yuan, deduct the technical service fee of ten percent, light promotion have been made thousands of Shu youge.

give everyone a promotion this month,

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