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This is the way I use


2, invest a little money, buy a more mature program, or customize the development of a web site

below, I combine the methods of other friends I see and the way I try, simply say, welcome to add more good methods.

line belongs to WeChat public account, online belongs to Taobao public Wangwang

mobile phone Taobao, if you can join the "public want" function, commercial value will increase several times.

WeChat’s commercial value lies in half of the value-added business for individuals, half of which is enterprise oriented public accounts. Personal value-added business now should be said that the land has been set, although it has not yet begun harvesting, but because there is no opponent, want to harvest is only a matter of time.

1, learning the basic code, in accordance with their own ideas, the development of a web site

, because I am a little bit of before, has been using a small website in YAHOO NCP Taobao off promotion, just started some income, but found that YAHOO NCP has to close down trend, forced to buy a few of the programming books, related technology combined with the Internet, learning a half a month, and then began to develop their own websites: shopping guide website in the guest guest, just on the line soon, YAHOO announced to stop NCP service. Fortunately, the original YAHOO NCP users are basically imported into the new station, the loss is not large. In fact, the development of a general Taobao guest website, need to learn things, not too much, will be some simple programming can. The advantage of this method is, oneself learn to do a website, can design a website completely according to one’s own train of thought. The disadvantage is that the learning cycle and the development cycle are long, and it’s a little difficult if you’re not particularly interested in programming.

summary: recommended index 3, difficulty index 5

these two days, I have been staring at three sites, three sites under construction, and are invariably in the copy of my website: Amoy Le Taobao shopping guide, is not a simple copy, but full copy, do as like as two peas. Especially one of them, almost all pages are the same, sometimes I open, and do not carefully look at the domain name, I do not know which is mine, which is their.

doesn’t understand the code, there’s no website, and what about Taobao?


public accounts business, customers are enterprises, providing the core value is CRM. Enterprises and enterprises under the line of e-commerce enterprises. WeChat public account advantage areas online, O2O, this piece of Ali would like to intervene very difficult. But in e-commerce, WeChat’s public account isn’t as good as it has in the O2O market. The reason is simple, Ali, Tencent open again, it will not open its own users to each other.

I world network editor Xu dimensional original deletion

, and if Taobao has the capabilities of the public want, a similar shopping process is much simpler. The seller can through the public want to send a new link to consumers, consumers do not need to enter a password Taobao account can directly buy, he also can use Alipay to pay. This experience is nothing

I think a lot of friends tend to be in this way, without input, where the harvest, and spend money to buy the program, it is easy to build their own Taobao guest promotion website. However, to emphasize that, it is best to buy more mature procedures, it is best not to do their own Taobao customers, but also to sell personal development procedures, which is mysterious, I think we can easily understand. If you have more ideas, but also optimistic about the promotion of Taobao customers, it is recommended to find a company customized to develop a set of ideas to reflect their own procedures. Thousands of stations side of the program, especially those who are known to buy to hang on with tens of thousands of articles of the procedure, it is difficult to get a good ranking in search engines.

apart from WeChat, there is no mobile Internet products which have the same commercial value as WeChat? I think it is mobile phone Taobao. Mobile phone Taobao, if you can join the public account like WeChat public "want" function, its commercial value will increase several times.

I understand very much the mood that copies the Taobao guest friend of my website, because they want to do Taobao guest promotion, and have not found the procedure that oneself like again, so have to copy one say first. Of course, there are even worse friends. They don’t know the code at all. They don’t even copy. Remember, when I first started selling Taobao customers, I was pretty much the same.

what is "public want"? Simply speaking, it is to imitate WeChat’s public accounts, in the mobile phone, Taobao also do exactly the same public number system. Each seller can open a public class, the public can only be added want to add, not consumers, it can message to consumers strictly limit the number of friends mass, consumers can also chat and chat it like WeChat.

, for example, if I was a seller, now opened a WeChat public account, plus a lot of consumers as a friend, from time to time send some goods to their links to consumers directly in WeChat built-in browser view goods is no problem. But if he wants to buy it directly, the trouble to consumers, Taobao input username and password in the small mobile phone screen, enter the password Alipay account, super trouble. Of course, the Tencent can also put WeChat account and online shopping, wealth through open, WeChat to achieve a one-stop shopping function, the problem is the abundance of goods with the Taobao online shopping can provide the difference of several orders of magnitude, many attractive to consumers worse than Taobao.

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