Hundred bell MMS Union5 key points of website development strategy

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      1 unique value orientation. The website must provide valuable service for Internet users, it is best to provide unique services. I believe that many websites have done this step, such as planning services to meet the specific population, provide a unique service for the users, such as children’s blog 61bay is to meet the parents of children education exchange service; and Chinese preschool network is to meet the kindergarten, teacher and family education exchange and communication.

hundred bell MMS alliance team has many years of telecommunications background, value-added services industry has a profound understanding. 100 MMS bell in 2006 to carry out the transition into the telecom value-added services, including SMS, have access to MMS, WAP, IVR, and other types of business operations or customized ringing tone, license, and cooperation with a number of domestic websites, SP, and enterprises, provide more products and services to domestic users. With China Mobile, China Telecom, Chinese Unicom, telecom operators Chinese Netcom good relations of cooperation, the rapid development of the bell 100 MMS, become the leading to provide full network full service telecom value-added services alliance.

      3 clear choice. Website popularity comes up, a lot of profit points came out. At this time, as the site’s operation managers, must know how to choose and reject. The energy of a person company is limited, and if he gets some benefits, he must abandon another part of his interest. As for China preschool education network, we have made clear that we are providing information services for kindergartens, not technical services. So, when many kindergartens for us to build websites, we have pushed, this does not meet our values. Because the independent website of kindergarten is very difficult to have good results

hundred bell MMS union http://s.union.100ring officially opened, welcomed the size of the webmaster cooperation!!!
single on demand 1 yuan after our test, union registration is very high. It is your good choice on the order quantity of 1000.

      the services we provide include 2.5G multimedia information service 2.5GMMS, lets users via mobile phone to send and receive basic text messages, you can also send rich color images, sound, animation, motion and other multimedia content. And 2G short message service 2G SMS, which allows users to receive and send simple text messages via the mobile phone. We also provide 2G interactive voice recognition services 2G IVR, which allows users to store, send and access voice content via mobile phones The 2G color ring service 2G, CRBT, mobile users, and called users can listen to music based ringtones.

1. now a daily settlement payment, when your account payable and the Commission of more than 100 yuan, we will be in the unconditional full settlement Commission, settlement time for daily 17:30! In order to facilitate settlement, we recommend you to use the ICBC account number.
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runs a web site. Have you ever thought of designing a strategy for web development? Website development strategy is the first step of your website and the core of future development and expansion. A web site without a development strategy must be a web site that is not competitive. Strategic management guru Michael · Potter believes that an effective strategy must have 5 key points: the unique value orientation, carefully designed for the customer value chain, clear choice, interactive, persistent. From these 5 aspects, I explained my understanding of the website strategy.

      2 a well-designed value chain for customers. Many websites do not consider this key point carefully or consider it insufficiently. In fact, value chain design is an important part of website strategy. If the value chain is well designed, the site must be full of vitality and vitality. Therefore, most of the site access volume is not, popularity is not, the root cause lies in this. Because of the development of a website, fundamentally speaking, publicity is second, providing customers with value is fundamental. Therefore, the construction of value chain is the heart of a website and provides the impetus for the sustainable development of the website. Take China preschool education network as an example, by providing teaching management resources for kindergartens, recruiting and recruiting services for kindergartens, attracting 30 thousand kindergartens and 300 thousand kindergarten teachers to communicate. Among them, teacher and Dean is the network service customers, build the value chain through the core, to provide better service for them to meet their learning and communication needs, just a short time, without any publicity, rejection of the same industry website, become the most influential media industry in preschool education.

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