Taobao Wangzhuan simple strategy to teach you how to set up shop in taobaoHow do you get 1000 up fro

first to talk about the source of goods, because you have no supply of good shop in vain, can be said that the supply is the most successful.

so good sourcing is very important. So what is the good source of goods? This is a model, I first say a few here.

yes, you’re right. It’s the source of the goods, and that’s the top priority. Some people may think it is ridiculous, the supply of what to say, and now there can not enter the market, the market is still afraid of goods, such people who have this idea, it is because you do not understand Taobao’s competition mode. In reality, selling things exactly the same thing, some places may sell 100, and some places sell 200. Whether you sell 100 or sell 200, you can sell it. Even for good publicity. Or lots good. Selling 200 is better than selling 100 pieces, but not in Taobao. Because Taobao is a network, and the network is all the people on the Internet all over the world can see, exactly the same thing you are more expensive than others even if the 10 Fen do not sell! Sell such as game card, 100 card. Other conditions are exactly the same. Your goods may simply not sell at all because they are 5 cents more expensive than others. They sell for hundreds of dollars in 51 Fen days. Of course, if you have credit, higher than others, the rate of praise is higher than others, or commercial sales, publicity is done very well, you can also sell more than a few other people a little bit, it is only a little bit. But for this little, you have to pay a lot.

GG Adsense, a lot of stationmaster income started to increase, seemed to find a way out, because of the obvious advantages of GG advertising is highly paid, I put on my blog and the average income is 0.9 yuan / times, it is indeed gratifying. The problem is that now the case of GG as before, traffic and service, advertising and customer groups in their image are lower than before several grades, according to reports China now GG users from 30% – 35% down to about 15% now, it has no effect on Adsense there are many webmaster said? Can do sh419, Ali mama advertising ah, this I agree, but sh419 alliance application is difficult, easy to be K, Ali mother again how blowing can not change compared to the previous two behind one level of reality, made guest people know that a few people are through your advertising links in eventually bought products? More important is the sh419 alliance and Ali mother advertising alliance now called Taobao alliance, Ma Yun. See the GG out of a chance, so focus on the promotion of the network The price is really low, I put it on my website, sh419’s average 0.1 yuan, Ali mother’s 0.05 yuan, GG’s $0.1, this gap can be imagined.

believes that whether it is to do or not do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friends must know Taobao! Maybe a lot of people do not believe that free money online, but when it comes to Taobao money there is hardly anyone who does not believe that! How to do Taobao www to earn?. 41cash. Cn summed up some of Taobao’s experiences by talking to Taobao veterans. Taobao masters pass by,

first: one supply.

is now a lot of people are facing a problem, hard work, day in and day out to do boring repetitive site management work, there are still too many owners not only can’t earn money, even the website traffic are not do not go up, confidence will be greatly reduced, or even give up. There are many traffic flow to start the station, more painful, the road forward is not spacious, backward reluctant, after all, we have paid the sweat, time, energy, youth and money. It’s a comfort to see how many thousands of visits we make every day, but the income from the websites is still very small. Initially encouraged themselves: as long as there is traffic, the value of the site, income will increase, but long-term in a low-income stage, it will inevitably be sad.

1 allows traffic to stack. Site traffic is the survival and development of this, Tencent, Sina, NetEase and other one of the country’s best portal, is to let a flow and then increase the sub site, thereby enriching the content of the site to expand the scale. We have to go their way now, too difficult, why not act in a diametrically opposite way, by now the advantage of the website, to ensure your flow at the same time, let more site traffic overlay, a combination of a large portal, unified management, unified.

Like attracts like., although each webmaster Birds of a feather flock together., strange, but I believe there are common interests and common pursuit. How to become bigger and stronger, this is every webmaster to consider, such as hao123, 265 such a successful individual station, after all, is a minority, we have to think of a good way out.

is the lowest wholesale price you can get from the manufacturer. You are not required to have cheaper than all the purchase price, but at least with the price of the cheapest is the same. Absolutely can not have a personal purchase price cheaper than you. Where do you come from? Of course, if you are a big dealer, you can talk directly to the manufacturer. If it is not a big seller, at least not for the time being, then it must have a certain relationship, for example, the owner of a factory is your family relative. Or the general agent is your friend. You can discuss with him, but you start to have less, but also let manufacturers give you the lowest price, or always do a favor, and help you get a little bit of goods. The advantage of this supply is the large amount of sales. The disadvantage is low profits. And have some resources

a lot of people would think… What does Taobao have to learn? Look at the tutorials on Taobao’s website. Anyone can open a shop. But some people did not make a few money in Taobao for several years, and some people had millions of income in a few months. So it’s different.


in the face of such confusion, how should we face? I suggest strengthening the alliance.

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