Pulse new advertisers to join and Nana meters to stop promotionMillion register to send laptops

who says winter is not warm? Cold is not cold, cold is cold.

, how many webmaster still can’t sell advertising position and worry,

million two at the end of the year, three of the fire: register to send laptops, there are more prizes

due to the main server adjustment, Nana m meter CPA advertising today, pause promotion. Reopen until further notice. Ask members to change the code in time so as not to affect your earnings. Thank You for Your Cooperation。


two awards, genuine Zippo total of 3, a total of 3 Swiss Military knife, 1G U disk a total of 3 winning a total of 9.

activity time: December 19th zero – December 31st at 24

this winter >

below is the introduction of activities, please take a closer look at, do not get along with the laptop,

thread format is as follows:

web site name: XXXXX

this event will select some of Beijing’s webmaster as notary public, public draw, lottery time for the end of the activity within 3 working days. And will announce the list of winners in the forum. Please register to fill in the details so as to avoid the prizes.

‘s advertising address in $100 million: yigao/adZoneView.do, id=365

now I declare: "at the end of three against fire" started, now is the second fire, as long as you in the 07 years before the end to join the million, will have the opportunity to get a notebook computer, genuine Zippo lighter, genuine and Genuine Swiss Army knife, U disk and other prizes. The odds are fantastic, excited,

? !


theme: billion registered ASUS notebook computer and other employee awards

prize setting:

registered 100 million www.yigao and released advertising bits, in this post http://s.forum.yigao/viewthread.php, tid=953&, extra=page%3D1, followed by stickers can be.

now, I’m calling the heroes all over the world.


all: excitement ~ ~ ~

was an old Chinese practice set hero investment;

Webmasters and bloggers:

URL: www.***

League address: myad.cn/

"nine days music network" CPS advertising on-line, sales commission of 40%. Welcome members to the sales commission to get the code. Please pay attention to the station announcement.

how are you doing,

first prize, ASUS laptop Eee PC, a

, how many webmasters are still working hard to support the site,

all: good ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

more information as in the League: http://s.top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback




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