Why have some start ups been bought and others gone to ruinSilicon Valley entrepreneurs change from

Josh, 22, Miller, dropped out of Princeton University and started a business called Branch. Because he and many well-known entrepreneurs have maintained a good relationship, such as Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and Biz Stone, and so on. More recently, the company was bought by Facebook for $15 million.

at the same time, she also data entry for a company, in order to subsidize the cost of the site. And, in order to raise more cash for the site, Tracey sold her paintings, clothes, and even cars. "I was probably the only person in Losangeles who didn’t have a car," she quipped. I often wear a second-hand Chanel jacket and go to the meeting by bus. Not as the climate, you have to be affected."

‘s thirst for money forced Tracey to turn to Airbnb, a short rental platform for famous homes. The first tenant from Airbnbd contacted Tracey at the Reykjaví airport at K. 17 hours later, the man stood before Tracy simon. Later, they became husband and wife.

in the operation of enterprises, the founder of the social relationship is an important factor, at least for hope acquired start-ups, sometimes "who you know" to be more important than what you develop products ".

, we talked with executives of some start-up companies and asked them to answer the question: which is more important to people who are starting a business, social relationships, or products?.


why Facebook and Yahoo and other companies will spend millions of dollars to acquire some start-ups, while other start-ups are no one cares, silent to extinction?

in 2009, when Tracey left home for a housewife, she launched a peer to peer e-commerce site called RecycledBrid, where brides can buy and sell their own wedding dresses.

, "entrepreneurs who rely solely on social connections to find their exports, are rare, and entrepreneurs who rely on good products to find their exports are rare.". If no one knows you, I don’t know

Zhao Saipo / Ti media compiler Tradesy is a business website, the main fashion retail. And founder Tracey from the year to use Airbnb rental bedroom earn money start-up company, and now to complete the first round of $1 million 500 thousand financing, time only a few years ago.

, was also bought by another former shlf1314 employee. She’s the Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer now.

almost everyone says that social relationships and products are important. But for founders who want to sell businesses, they argue that social relationships are more important than the product itself. In addition, your investor’s social relationship is also a very important factor.

? Stamped, a former shlf1314 employee founded by

, for an entrepreneur who has ideas and ideas and is only short of money, how can he get the money?. From Airbnb to rent their own bedroom registered users, and ultimately for its stylish electronic business platform melt into the first capital of $1 million 500 thousand, Tracey how to do it?

raises its first capital through Airbnb

in the next few days, the two of them continued renting out second bedrooms and sofas in their homes, and by Airbnb, they received over 100 tenants and harvested $30 thousand. These rental income has become a life-saving straw for the website.

Tracey said: "I want to Minato East by the west at that time.

if the founder of the two companies do not have these social relations, so they can successfully be acquired? This is a difficult question to answer, but it is undeniable that the two founders of the social relations, does provide help for them.

experience in venture financing

Without any paid promotion, Tracey looked at the monthly hits on the Recycled Bride website, reaching 500 thousand times in years. Tracey knew that he should work harder, make the website more professional, at least to make the code beyond her self level — however, it all need money.

titanium media note: want to know what is the real scratch from scratch? May as well take a look at the female entrepreneur Tracey Tracy DiNunzio story. Despite the lack of funding at the start, it did not become a drag on her entrepreneurial success.

and other entrepreneurs believe that products are always the most critical factor in business operations, even for small start-ups. That’s the idea for Josh Abramson, founder of College, Humor, and Vimeo, BstedTees, who says: "I think it’s the most important thing to build an excellent product.". At the same time, social relationships are also important."

James Reinhart is a pioneering entrepreneur for the first time, and his company, ThredUp, is a second-hand clothing sales platform. To this question, he said: "many people have an illusion that they think acquisitions are a natural thing.". From my experience, looking for acquirers is a long-term job and requires you to reach everyone."

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