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every night Simmons sleeps on a sofa like this.

Abstract: it is estimated that every entrepreneur may wish to enter the realm of ma. Go to the NASDAQ bell, his biography and inspirational books occupy the airport bookstore, finally becoming the entrepreneurial chicken soup.


But even if

although AOL has security patrols every day, Simmons has lived in AOL for two months without notice, relying mainly on three sofas. His daily routine is as follows: work until midnight or even later, at about 2 in the morning to sleep on one of the sofas. Before 7 or 8 in the morning, get up before everyone else goes to work, go downstairs to the gym for a little exercise, then take a cold shower, and then go upstairs and eat breakfast with cereal and water or coke. So I started working all day, and when everyone else got off work, I went back to sleep on the couch.

over the past few decades, the general public can infect the story, we can call the "grassroots counter attack story", the story is very simple and very attractive, ordinary people of ordinary birth, through effort and chance, reached great achievement; from Cinderella, the American dream, Chinese partner is almost routine, but twenty years ago, people rarely see the real version of China, until a man named Ma Yun

skills 1: let the rich handsome walk away, the grassroots counter attack story to the general public

but most of all, he spent almost two months without a penny. In the first month, he spent only $30, and occasionally went out for a meal of McDonald’s micro-blog or ramen and other foods. But he added: "I could have spent nothing, but I was going crazy."." He also went out on Thanksgiving day.

now, as a start-up company’s CEO, you may face a problem: how is the product coming out, how to do PR, especially how to do free PR?.

the answer is right, but Daniel rarely teaches you how to tell a good story.

appeared!" !

in 5 years of teaching, I’ve always dreamed of working for a company, such as a restaurant or a program

, the entrepreneur named Eric ·, Simmons Eric Simons, took part in AOL’s K12 incubator program. After the project, the other participants had already left, while Simmons chose to stay". The K12 project will get a card, but after the end of the project, Simmons found that the cards can continue to use, and completely live in the headquarters of AOL, the reason is: "I can’t afford to live in other places, can only rely on the AOL headquarters."

              Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on May 25th, a 19 year old Chicago young entrepreneurs who participated in the AOL K12 incubator project, still in the company of "latent" for two months, enjoy free food and drink fitness, as well as a variety of office facilities.

around in the media sharing after Jiuzhuo mengguan in expert, you might hear a tooth vulgar to answer, first class public relations should be the learning ability of the story.

this is a good interpretation of what is called "sharp alien" the power of the smooth

" I took the college entrance examination for three times before I was admitted to Hangzhou Normal University, the worst University in Hangzhou.

in college, my future is basically delineated in the middle school English teacher. At graduation, I became the only teacher in the University of more than 500 graduates to teach in a university. My salary is RMB 100~120 yuan per month.

"I developed good work ethic," he said. "I’m in good shape, because I exercise every morning."."

estimates that every entrepreneur might want to get into the realm of ma. Go to the NASDAQ bell, his biography and inspirational books occupy the airport bookstore, finally becoming the entrepreneurial chicken soup. In the analysis of Ali’s most unknown eight years, a total of 208 articles, more than 530000 words of public reports; "give brother" for the broad masses of entrepreneurs to comb off a teacher’s early years of five public relations skills!

, Eric, · Simmons, for entrepreneurship, in AOL, "latent" February.

but in the end, he was caught by the security guard and rushed out. It was 6 in the morning. In that matter, email and mobile AOL senior vice president David · David Temkin; Temkin said: "we always hope to use PA >

had heard such a story, Luo Yonghao said in every speech before, will advance 1 thoughtful lecture venue to do a rehearsal, each occupying, PPT lights, every bursting point of an ambush, the scene applause arrangements for staff and so on, to be careful too many times, this achievement the effect of the media Shuabing every speech.

comes with the old driver Luo flow, there is also a time when a hundred responses to a single call, over the gutter, such as when he and another English teacher with the box:

also, as Simmons free access to the gym, so he took a change of clothes in the closet in the gym. "I just need about 5 to 10 T-shirts, 1 pairs of jeans and 1 shorts," he said. "It can be put in a closet.". Besides, they also have a self-service laundry room where I can do laundry."

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