How do enterprises encounter negative Shanghai dragon

found a large number of link spam and artificial link or inferior links pointing to your site, and not require the other party to remove, in addition to inform the noble baby, also can use the Disavow Links Tool of the noble baby. Use the advanced features (please be sure to carefully handle. If used improperly, it may cause serious influence on your website ranking in the search results in the noble baby.

4 choose to ban TXT linked files, then upload, TXT is actually banning website links, a link, each line of the following format: do>

What is the


so you must understand the links you, such as the link instruction to use the noble baby, or use the tools of Ahrefs, Majestic Open Site Explorer, Shanghai dragon, can know what are the links to your website.


1 first login nobility baby Webmasters webmaster tools.

Sure you want to ban

site operation Shanghai Phoenix are hoping to improve for the website ranking, the so-called positive Shanghai Dragon (Positive, Shanghai dragon) opposite what is negative Shanghai Dragon (Negative Shanghai dragon)? How should we avoid? Here is that a very important concept is " noble baby will find malicious control and punishment of Shanghai dragon ".

have a negative

of the Shanghai dragon negative methodWhen

Shanghai dragon?

competitors will do negative Shanghai dragon how? Mostly is the large number of links to help you establish a low quality, such as the comment on many sites, to help you create a lot of links, link to your website, and these messages are negative Shanghai Longfeng waste. In addition many search engines to downgrade erotic websites, a large number of links. While many websites may not know, your site has been added to the low quality of the page, become a victim of negative Shanghai dragon.

negative Shanghai Dragon (Negative Shanghai dragon) is a popular project in 2013, because the noble baby Penguin 2 update, mainly for the Shanghai dragon negative punishment, and as long as you have a competition, there may be people who help you do negative, and the result is that the Shanghai Dragon… Your ranking is push after.

2 Disavow Links into Tool, then choose your management website.

Disavow Links Tool use:

How does Shanghai dragon?

3 links, and then click "no" link.

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