Common reference will replace the anchor text

but the current domestic situation, most chain practitioners are all released in Shanghai Longfeng nature of advertising, and mess with links, not only affects the other station appearance, advertising also very heavy chain to the other station that is to see a delete.

chain is the search engine to judge the quality of a website important standard, but as long as we reduce the weight of this standard, let the other technology to replace it. Such as "common reference", may be a good solution.


love even if Shanghai launched the attack link trading algorithm Scindapsus, reiterated prohibit the sale of baby aristocratic links, but still can not stop the links of the popular market, "chain" and "link" is still the Shanghai dragon final important content of the work, the market potential is enormous.

I was in the anchor text "Shanghai dragon effect will be more and more low" in the article mentioned "common reference", and said that through the observation of many foreign websites and Shanghai Longfeng case, the search engine is to reduce the effect of the anchor text, for here is the nobility of the baby.

I have no conclusive evidence of love Shanghai support "common reference", but some of the details you can see some clues, such as landing outside the chain of tools I love Shanghai Webmaster Platform look.

to take a look at what is a common reference to "

: if an article site A an article and B website quoted from site C, site A in the article said: "certain opinions had talked about the content of the website C." So this site C cited articles will also have the effect of Shanghai dragon.

but the problem is that the anchor text is easy to operate, the reality is the "effect" of the chain of Shanghai dragon is very obvious, easy to cause the rankings, "chain" of the situation repeated. And the search engines and there is no better solution, had to open one eye closed, this is a direct result of the "chain" market has become increasingly popular, according to Lou loose understanding, in the China chain market annual transaction size has been billion yuan.

look at how the anchor text

love Shanghai whether to support the common reference to "

search engine how to do next?The



now, more and more people begin to believe that "weight" has been more than a common reference to "anchor text", I also believe that at least once in the noble baby official twitter said: "the anchor text will be replaced by the common reference", but also love Shanghai can not do with the anchor text for the link a chain.


is shown in Figure: hyperlinks to keywords implanted in one article, the main content is the anchor text, which is the majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, commonly known as "chain".

"As shown in figure

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