Can not ignore the details of Shanghai dragon website design


has many web designers in Web sites, are in the habit of using a large number of pictures, FLASH, to design the interface is dazzling, not knowing that there are many disadvantages, first of all, too many pictures, the impact site open speed, secondly, the search engine simply does not recognize the images, FLASH, so even if we the contents in the well, are also unable to let the spider crawl crawl. So in this case, you use some suggestions on the simulation of spider crawling tools site check for yourself, see whether it is because of this situation caused by spiders don’t visit our website. Of course, if the site is used to make love to promote Shanghai to have the price, this problem can be ignored.

optimization, around the Internet is filled with "the chain for the king, the chain for the emperor", which makes many Shanghai Longfeng R excessive emphasis on the construction of the chain and the original content is released, while ignoring the construction site of its structure. Small is not to say that the chain, the content is not important, but the site design is also all the part can not be ignored.

once had a friend to find small analysis of its website, said the site has not included, so Xiaobian opened its Web site, found his site navigation home page is to do with the image, no more pages back home page links, the spider climb to the page from the home page, including page round, can not find the exit, so imagine how the site will let the spider like? Let friends, decisive, increase page links to the home page, after a period of time, the website included the success of their content. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg, there is still a lot to get attention on the website structure. Now listen to a small one by one.


chain is generally appear in the product page or delete news page, causing it to the original link into a dead end. If a spider crawling in your website, the emergence of a large number of links, is quite friendly, death appears the situation, causes the spider to grab your web content no longer directly. There are two ways to solve the death, one is to use the robots.txt shield or using the 301 relocation, but if your website content of many words, do not use the robots.txt file shield, only use 301 relocation. Another way is our 404 error page in common use, the use of this method, even if the chain, through the 404 guide, can also let the spider crawling other content. At the same time, so that the user experience is good, does not lead to loss of a large number of customers to flow. Of course, these two methods are technically, if it does not do a 301 redirect or 404 error page, then only just update the content, slowly attract spiders, to delete the old content, so as to achieve the purpose of included new page.

nofollow tag is used to correct

website is not gorgeous in practical line


web page is very important to pay attention to the death of 404

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