2012 electronic commerce affects the small and medium sized enterprises

: the first change in the business environment of


second: change management mode of enterprise

e-commerce is also affecting the change of enterprise management mode and management mode, the enterprise internal management has had a huge impact, requires companies to make the overall strategy and tactics on the corresponding adjustment, to adapt to the changes of business environment. In e-commerce mode, changed the original organizational structure of enterprises, changes in various departments, corporate orders Pyramid is no longer a closed structure, but the mutual communication network structure learning; workflow automation, artificial control machine to reduce the error of reducing the cost of human resources, make enterprise whole process more accurately fast. Senior business leaders is no longer playing experience and traditional roles, but generous guides and operators, leading enterprises to seek survival and development in the network economy, the competitive environment, occupy a larger market share.

At the same time,

significantly in the information age, the rapid development of network and communication technology, the impact of Electronic Commerce on small and medium enterprises is more and more big. However, e-commerce platform for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide a platform to compete with large enterprises, and provides market opportunities, also bring direct and indirect benefits thus for small and medium-sized enterprises. The cost and benefit analysis of the small and medium-sized enterprises of electronic commerce, also help SMEs further understanding of e-commerce has more awareness and understanding of e-commerce, and according to their own conditions, choose a set of e-commerce operation scheme, make full use of network information environment, in order to obtain lower cost more large enterprise benefit.

third: change the operation method, improve economic efficiency.

With the rapid development of

the impact of e-commerce for small and medium enterprises operating environment has changed, the e-commerce giant, open environment, promote the market environment changes in the structure of advertising: enterprises can use the Internet, online market research, information exchange and network marketing and so on a series of. Can use the network plus and manufacturer contact, so as to change the interactive mode of purchase and sale, can sample price contract with customers to rely on the network communication through the network, increased interaction with each other, understand the Jiaqing tiger loyalty and purchasing power, the electronic commerce to the traditional industry is undergoing a structural change the enterprise, is more suitable for the network marketing economic environment.

we can see from 2000 since the development of the Internet technology China is the rapid development of electronic commerce is booming in the world. Internet based e-commerce impact on traditional enterprise management mode, management mode and operation means of economic activity, provides large market opportunities for small and medium enterprises, but also further reduce the gap between the large and medium-sized enterprises, provide more opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises. Electronic commerce has the following kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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