Five pseudo original web series method

read the whole article, summing up the article in your own language, a reference to the original title to modify the original title, if the content is very detailed, it can be fuzzy, or vice versa, the title is the most important for the website, the search engine trust, even directly copied from the content. As long as the change in the title, the same will be considered original.

> 3)

1, understand the industry knowledge

5, the text reflect the skills of Keywords Each

network series must first read the article, then pseudo original, the amount of days and months multiplying down, reading is very large, so the reading speed is too slow, read a line of text 4, 5 seconds, and the whole article reading to understand the core content.

a qualified network, need to have a better understanding of the industry, the pseudo original, or write something will be irrelevant, so write before, first understand some basic knowledge of the industry.

website is the soul of content, a large number of useful content is the essence, but in certain industry and the original article takes too long, the work efficiency is low, so the pseudo original to an article or a few articles, website editors to improve the efficiency of the first choice. But the pseudo original premise is to consider the user experience, and not included on the line, if the content of the website is not readable, it even ranked very high in vain. To understand that, although the pseudo original is not original, but as long as the pseudo well, is a readable article, after all, the industry website editors not to master a lot of content, the original is not possible, then how do the pseudo original

input of the industry in general, pseudo original ability, if love Shanghai, can go to the noble baby search, and then find a page after, ability to feel good words, do not be afraid, go directly to the website content to the first page of the pseudo original.

for the network for many of the text the author does not agree with the pseudo original technique or opposition. I share in their own ways, for reference only. The author is the first to paste the copied text in Notepad, because it can put things out of order what format links removed, and then refine the writing.


2) some of the articles is rambles on a word, may wish to delete some words or phrases, extract some essence, or short words, others speak very well, you can for example to add content.

4, heading face


2, increase the amount of reading


1) the first paragraph is important, both for the search engine or the reader, the first paragraph is well written words can attract readers to read, search engine will think is original. So the best is to use your own words, you can write two hundred or three hundred words a little.

3, select

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