A5 Marketing websites that are unaware of the dancing on the wire

for this, A5 marketing to remind the majority of enterprises and the webmaster content between a large number of the same station ban, if you can not ensure that each substation are independent enough, then please call site links, or cancel the sub station type display.

thought for a long time the topic, how to start? Or the last one such title begins. Before meeting some consulting clients in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis there will always be people who will say: "you say my website so much, but my ranking is not low! If I have a problem, why didn’t I love Shanghai to drop right?" often the last laugh and go.

commonly known as the description text links, if not a novice webmaster all know what that means? In the past few years how people crazy! But now? It is because so many people in droves, leading to love Shanghai pain under the ruthless hand, killing countless websites. But still a lot of people don’t know: why does my site drop right? Love Shanghai and ventilation and ventilation!!!!

analysis of a site when the weights of 5 years ago, the site is the weight in 4 months rose to 5, and rising. But the other side is not optimistic, so do the Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services. What is the reason? After analysis of inspection: the amount of real 1W information, link URL but produced a. But for some reason, love Shanghai but still no recognition, this new Shanghai dragon

very worried! If you open the web site as a pleasurable occupation!

two: TAG Tag Optimization over

: a

TAG tag will optimize the excessive, causing the site to drop right, note: TAG label each article need to keep at least more than 5 articles related articles. At the same time: website ban do not TAG Related words, not the value of the article, do not add TAG.

as a webmaster, how do you think of this answer? So many thieves in the world, has stolen the purse every day, but every day there are caught. Wait for you after being caught, come to me, I’m sorry, the price is higher today! A5 marketing is universal: those dancing on the wire, but was unaware, the

optimization excessive amount of informationThe

many webmaster love Shanghai often misjudgment, in fact, can only be said to be an excuse, your site is not to be false level! Check your website text! Is not to love.

site TAG tags, we must control the quality, otherwise only make your website dead can’t dead. The optimization over the site, the TAG tag performance are as follows: a TAG only one article; website article with TAG; and the website did not have any relationship to TAG words. Your website is not to do


three: the description of text over

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