Do let health website search engine did not despise you

two, to attract users back to

1, let users forget thinking, for example: in the content of the article added: you may be interested in the contents of other users interested? Interesting? We can recommend the contents of

we go to the hotel or go to the store consumption, you can visit the reason for what is it? I want to have a more comfortable, decoration, good service attitude is two, three is the product selectivity. As a web site, the site is your beautiful decoration, a look disgusting appearance of the website is to keep users. So if you want to make a brand website, leave your users, the appearance of the site is very important, if you are not very professional, so spend some money, let the people earn money to let people earn. How is your website’s customer service telephone service? 400 to your site, if not, suggest you go to apply for. Online IM software consulting with it, if not, in the information era is so advanced, so you out. Now the user demand is diverse, some users love to use telephone communication, some users love to use IM communication, so try to consider the needs of your users, good service performance. The final site >

Er has more and more people Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is no longer a secret, you know from the site content and the chain construction of these two areas to start building the website search engine love. But the optimal level in the Internet more sites in constantly improving, the two factors of light from the above said search engine has been difficult to determine which sites are better, because we are very good, this time as the search engine, it will appear on your website unfavorable right down, which is why the keywords ranking cause of frequent fluctuations in the search button on the. As head of the US, not because we are very good, we have to give up the chance to compete, but need to do better, is the outstanding Shanghai dragon er must be familiar with the search engine behavior, general search engine for the behavior, affect the ranking of the site because it is known as the following, according to my own experience to share.

hold, a live viewer, reduce the bounce rate of

jumped out of the user on your site after only browse a page that is left is called out. Out of the lower rate, on behalf of your website user experience better. We can judge out rate users, of course, there are many network tools you can query the web site out rate, but as a professional Shanghai dragon er must learn to analyze your website jump out rate. The bounce rate can be analyzed from access to statistical tools given by IP and PV, IP and PV data shows that the closer the bounce rate is higher, and better represent your website viscosity. So how are we going to reduce the rate of jump out, stick to the user.

2, be sure to add breadcrumbs on your website, what is the breadcrumb navigation, you can refer to the relevant information.


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