Four do the summary of construction of the external links

The weight of high quality

increased the speed of the external links here to talk about old age, is generally not too fast. Each website has a degree, many webmaster use mass software, you can instantly make your site’s external links increase tens of thousands of, this is certainly not desirable. A normal site is not likely to get a lot of external links in a short period of time, even as some portals can not be so suddenly, of course, the way people except through manipulation. This is where the search engine has been hit.

not to be a rule of

love Shanghai series not touch

love Shanghai series of products in the province, has a very high weight Post Bar, Q & A, know, encyclopedia, library, picture and video and even love Shanghai products, so many webmaster will leave its website external links in these places, hope to take this opportunity to enhance the weight of their own website. This idea is very good, but if the operation in question will directly drop right, such as the concentration of released on a platform, at the same time increase the very many external links. These are very easy to fall in love with statistics, therefore, love Shanghai’s own products can touch, but not on time to a wide range of touch.

increased the speed not too fast

there is a general problem is to ignore the novice webmaster, such as a web site just on the line, anxious want good rankings, so it will go to the construction of the external links, and the low quality of the external links are not considered, buy high quality, high PR, high included links directly, in fact, this is not desirable, but also an unnatural act, your website is in what stage, how to access, how the quality of the content, basic, what kind of external links, these search engines can be roughly estimated, if many of the site index are very basic, but external links is unusually awesome, this is a "

quality should not be a standard

external links don’t increase quantitative timing. Many webmasters are used to the daily task list, then you can point quantitative timing completed, although this is beneficial to save time and improve efficiency, but not necessarily friendly to the spider. Imagine a content as the starting point of the site is not the same increase in external links at the same time, nor in the same site, on time every day of your site’s external links, unless people participate in manipulation ranking, this is the search engine does not advocate the.


website is now Shanghai dragon has become increasingly difficult, so finally, seems to be a spell of external links. Based on reasonable internal site, which Adsense hand enough external links, have enough linkbait technique, which seems to be the final winner. For external links is not wrong, but the novice in this process may make a few mistakes, below gives the summary, hoped to see the webmaster have help.

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