Do Shanghai dragon to teach you how to choose the site keywords

4, from the user’s point of view is the key to


broad keyword competition is very big, want to do keyword ranking to the top ten or twenty money, to spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands can not terrible, but the millions of sentences, even if your website of this kind of key words in the front row, this kind of search keywords user’s purpose is very broad no, sure, the conversion rate will be very low, so the input-output ratio will make you lose it, when I was in optimization of an enterprise station T, he made such a mistake, because the choice of keywords home filled up with competitive price, the competition is very fierce, and finally to the second page ranking very little, bring the phone, and put into serious proportion.

home page should do the main keywords popular industry (not too broad), to the maximum possible to attract more potential customers, your site keywords range can not be too small, can not be too specific, otherwise it will not bring any traffic.

benefits is the key word of those search amount is large, but the competition is small, of course, is also very fierce in these large amount of search words in general competition, need time and experience a bit of luck, some keywords competition "very much, want to spend a lot of energy and money, in order to secure the top, but in fact these words search volume may not be too large.

2, the degree of competition to small number of searches to

related websites The choice of keywords >

due to the operator of the website of the industry too well, for the website keywords will be the most probably it did not actually happen that some user search, users can in fact do not think so, some of the terminology and vocabulary may be quite common with industry, are not familiar with, it will not use it to search.


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The fastest

for the current popular words, every day tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of popular keywords, if you can put these words and not related to the site to site, site of mad traffic may temporarily increase the time, but this makes sense? From the content of the word search to the users of the site itself is not interested. Bounce rate is very high, there are no visits but what effect, and the site is may be search engine punishment, K.

3. can not broad, can not be too long, special

read a lot of articles about Shanghai dragon how to choose keywords, one in general are stereotyped are from large a long and minute statement, the direction and do a summary for the specific details of the operation, but a personal feeling is not practical get throught a thing carelessly. As a grassroots webmaster early our station is not so big, so how can we from the station slowly operation day IP reached tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of high traffic sites, I think the analysis of user groups, identify the people commonly used words, not too hot nor too cold too. How good scale will bring unexpected results to you.

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