A detailed analysis of the domain name of Shanghai Dragon

but how to query the domain name is what time is the search engines are included, is a difficult problem. In twenty-first Century, the basic can be found almost, but in 1990s the old domain name only through the "Internet Archive" to the roots ", the Internet Archive (The Internet Archive)" was established in 1996, which included regular and permanent preservation of the global website can capture the information. Here the archives plan is divided into six major parts, the second part is the query URL: 贵族宝贝archive.org/web/web.php ", this part has a special name, called" Wayback Machin> "(back in time machine

however, today we talk about the domain name influence on Shanghai dragon, this effect reflected in all aspects, if a friend wants action project started in Shanghai dragon tour, to build a perfect station is to choose a good domain name, can under the influence factors of Shanghai Longfeng summary as follows:

where can domain name transaction: well-known domain name trading website has a "rich" "love" "net" network ", or directly to love haisou" domain name trading site".

Positive analysis:

is the webmaster domain name, personal or corporate intangible assets, a good domain name, it is can create unlimited value. Because of the special structure of domain name can bring unlimited value, new things such as domain name now the hottest player Li Na about the domain name, the following is a screenshot of sina贵族宝贝.cn:

here involves two general knowledge questions to literacy:


domain name of the older, the more favorable for ranking. So, in the Shanghai dragon world, buy a domain name is a very common phenomenon, if you have a domain name in twentieth Century 80s and 90s, this is a treasure, the general keywords will see lift phenomenon obviously, compared with the new domain name, domain name is itself a powerful old.

how to determine the domain name age: in the last essay in I wrote a way to see the 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110310/320552.shtml, here not speak.


we’re talking about the old domain name, also is the domain name registration time, registration time and remove the domain name for the first time included time and is also important. Some domain name was registered, but there is no analytical or after registration and did not add what content on the site, so the time was collected in this link, the sooner the more high weight included.

: the older the more expensive the elderly valuable old domain is the hard truth

: domain name at the beginning of two, has been recognized by the domain name for the first time included time

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