Look in the construction of the chain with slash and space benefits from the perspective of Shanghai

web site outside the chain contains a slash. From the angle of integrity of the chain, with diagonal URL address can be a complete address, can show a complete URL address, address the chain that the search engine crawl is more favorable. Search engines crawl and crawl speed will be faster. Transfer the weight of the chain of view, format complete site outside the chain is not complete site outside the chain with weight better, this is because the search engine no ground for blame, when entering another website from a website which is often love ending address, rather than the cop-out half a melon, so that the two sites in the invisible and obtain the weight lifting. We can also from the search results to see clues, as shown below, we can see in the search results, search engine is more desirable in the full URL address.


Before and after the chain

first, we take the space can make the search engine better from this process to capture content over grab links, let search engine spiders have a reaction time, the chain will help identify better our search engine.

from friendly user experience point of view, in the web site outside of the chain in the left blank to attract the attention of the user, many readers see articles often ignore the link, and left blank in the URL after not only make the content more clean, also can attract readers to click. < >

two: before and after the chain belt space

: a case with slash


for the majority of the Shanghai dragon Er friends, in the construction of the chain of everyday, we might think more is to find high weight chain resources or the chain, usually very few people will consider the details in the construction of the chain. But in fact many chain construction details will directly affect the quality of our chain. Site outside the chain slash ("/") and space is Shanghai dragon Er rarely concern for visitors with spaces or slashes URL address is on their impact is not large, but many Shanghai dragon er they often ignore the influence of Shanghai Longfeng site outside the chain belt or slash spaces caused the actual situation in the chain of Web site with diagonal effect has certain difference with slash, and address space and also before and after the URL of the weight transfer has certain effect.

site outside the chain space. We do all the chain is love directly to the chain on the content, and the chain but with love: a space +贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/+ space, the same chain, the chain in the form of two what is the difference in effect? The author thinks that the贵族宝贝/+ space +贵族宝贝*** space form the chain than directly in the heel on the chain to form better, the main reason is two

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