Make three suggestions to identify the search engine JavaScript Flash pictures

three, if use a picture as the site navigation, you can add ALT tags in the picture as auxiliary.

two, at the bottom of the page or other significant parts placed in HTML format sitemap website. The sitemap includes each page, column links, if small website can be the website page links are added in the above. Since this will be more conducive to the spider crawling.



A5 all good friends, the science and technology blog glad to meet with you again. I believe you are experiencing the same troubles: design using flash, JavaScript script, picture as the site navigation, and to beautify their own website, in order to achieve a better user experience, increase the loyalty of the website. But it did not get good rankings, but has not been included. This problem you are more or less encountered, the reason is because the vast majority of picture identification information search engine spiders not very good. Now I will introduce myself in the web site, some experience, hoping to attract.

there is a little hope to the webmaster attention, try to use the upload pictures JPG format images, because the JPG format image file size is smaller, and higher resolution, in line with the user experience.


, in other parts of the page (such as the navigation bar at the bottom of the page, under this article) anti fingerprint links connected to a very good interpretation of the JavaScript script, Flash, the content of the picture. The webmaster in the preparation of a web page, if it cannot be avoided to be a page with Flash, pictures, and not with the corresponding links, the results you must know, the search engine spiders cannot read Flash, the picture content, so that search engine spiders cannot shun the home page to other links to crawl the site the final effect of the ranking of the site. So I suggest webmaster in the navigation design with the JavaScript script, Flash, pictures with text links, which helps search engines crawl, helps to get a good ranking.

well, this experience is introduced, hoping to attract. I hope you can inspire and as soon as their website user experience provided a highly Hengda! We hope to interested friends can be added to our QQ:2603044372 are discussed and cooperation, I hope you can pay attention to our science and technology blog technology 贵族宝贝 www.zuitech贵族宝贝 thank you! I wish all the webmaster friends can double harvest website traffic and public image thank you

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