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today’s Internet products to pay attention to what it is, and then quickly establish contact to obtain information, the development of value which is a quick word to destroy the blog view. Because the blog is based on a fixed population, as if it is to have the same jazz, fixed demand to the people, rather than a bulletin board, through the dissemination of information to find information foragers. Blog is the focus of the text is beautiful and the connotation. No other, it is enough to make a feature of blog in the fast-food culture today to lose the advantages of development.

Of course, just because the

product itself to cause limited blog blog accountable fading, is looking for an excuse, because in addition to blog in the message is not dominant, in the whole operation on their own is stretched. First, today’s blog is all the more as Shanghai dragon form, it can be said now is not the theme of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the network marketing, is also the name of the monotony of the XX+ blog, blog to homogeneity is very serious, so that the reader is difficult to remember. Secondly, the blog’s profit model is very simple, in addition to click on ads, is released some soft, or do some Taobao customers, compared to professional information flow, standing on the professional level and the conversion rate on a lot less. Finally, is now the blog theme is single, although this.

, we read the newspaper when the most love to see what is right, the title of the article, a lot of people watching the news to see is the title, about the content is always a cursory reading, not thorough, because we have no time, we pay attention to the efficiency, we need to get in the shortest time the thing you want most, so the rise of micro-blog, the blog declined, because in the current Internet environment, too much information is not necessarily a good thing.

day is March 31st, Chinese bokee贵族宝贝 closed data and text information of all users free of charge, put all the energy into the subscriber service system. Although the company launched products and charge a fee for this or bokee贵族宝贝 as unalterable principles, but so many have 80 sigh, the past belongs to our memories will be gone for ever. The blog had also proved to belong to our era is over. May say a bit too much, but the blog industry collective decline is an indisputable fact. Throughout the entire Internet environment, as a power, Lu Songsong and other excellent blog really too little. Too many friends have died because there is no suitable development and profit model, while the rest because of restriction of blog itself leads to poor promotion. In short, today’s blog industry is still winter.

on the development of blog pale situation, a lot of people will be directly attributed to the presence of micro-blog and WeChat. In my opinion, although micro-blog and WeChat stole the blog users and living space, but it is not the ultimate cause of decline of blog, the final reason is for the blog product itself limitations and weakness in the operation process. The joint attack makes blogging no chance to regroup.

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