404 error page Shanghai dragon and the usability of the war


1: Generally speaking, ordinary users are not aware of the 301 redirect. If a mobile web content, users do not need to know he was moving, they just want the above information.

when your site on a page does not exist, a 404 error page can display prompts the user related information. 404 error page can be friendly to users that the current request (page, pictures, video and so on) can not be used temporarily. Usually a 404 error page back to the browser and search engine is 404 status code. However, when it comes to dealing with deleted and broken links, for the use of 404 error page problem is the conflict between website usability and search engine optimization.

3: the old page will not be able to transfer the weight and so on, with the passage of time, will affect the whole site pages ranking.


3: if we don’t have the same redirect page, we need to provide a hint to the.

use 301 redirect does affect the user experience of

1: when the corresponding code on a server page return is 404, then the associated URL keywords associated with the search engine ranking will drop, and if in order to solve the 404 error, then the page search engine will be deleted.

on the other hand is the availability, pay attention to the availability of people think we should retain the URL address of the old, but the return is a 404 error page, this is a no pressure to inform the user, and provide options, such as 404 error page A5, provide a list of related sites, search box etc..

2: the existence of a large number of 404 pages of the web site will make search engines crawl slowly, it can increase the time included site content.


404 error pages, and not take what consequences may occur 301 redirect

2: if the implementation of the strategy is wrong, the redirection may provide a poor user experience. For example, if a web page is redirected to a page, but not related pages. At the same time from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, this is not conducive to optimization.

If the implementation of

on the one hand, Shanghai dragon people think it should be for the old URL address or deleted page should use 301 redirect the old deleted or damaged links redirect to the new site. This is because the use of a 301 redirect can transfer weight of the old to the new page URL site.

4: the user needs to make another decision to choose to reach the page, may increase the extra bounce rate, and reduce the conversion rate, especially those on the site is not clear user path.

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