To love some experiences in Shanghai adjustment algorithm

, the first Shanghai to further improve the weight of love; love is the Encyclopedia of Shanghai netizens continue to edit, modify, edit and revise again, in short has been revised for several times, users who really need to answer, compared to other sites you love Shanghai more authoritative encyclopedia, Wikipedia in Shanghai to promote love in the ranking results, can effectively improve the relevance of search results.

second, a large-scale industry website or portal website promotion weight;

love Shanghai adjustment algorithm analysis:

Shanghai algorithm change, its ultimate aim is to give the user a better experience, this is the love of Shanghai search engine service purposes, so that the original article, can give the user really help bring the love Shanghai search engine is still very like, now this time, it is also a test webmaster, don’t love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, website ranking disappear on the website it, your site will undoubtedly make this situation worse than it is now, but in the face of this law, we can also make appropriate adjustments to our website.

love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the response:

fifth, through the examination of some of the top sites found, the site of the external links is not very much, but Pr is not very high, but the site of the domain name registration time more than a year, the love Shanghai algorithm changes, more trust of the old station.

, the first site in the update article, to update the high quality.

fourth, for those who do not have to optimize the weight of the website has been greatly improved, deliberately optimized website ranking to drop sharply, even no ranking.

can optimize the position decreases sharply; optimal location of some popular keywords once again reduced, such as the "Shanghai dragon" the words, everyone will find in the search, the position of the four love Shanghai products accounted for the optimization of position from 8 to 7, before the sharp decline to 4, 5.


love the face of a new round of Shanghai algorithm adjustment, I want to make many webmaster friends too much! In the face of original website ranking disappear, and the duration of the long, is to let some webmaster scorched by the flames took a few months, we have worked hard to optimize the site, because of a love Shanghai adjustment the algorithm, ended up actually so miserable land, more than angry, we must remain calm, who let us do the Shanghai dragon? Analyze the root causes and find a solution, on the Internet to find some of these algorithms adjust the cause and measures, also had to sigh here, master is the master, the analysis is very unique, I will master the adjustment and the Countermeasures of the Shanghai love algorithm to do a simple summary, only for your reference.

No matter how to love

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