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used in the course of work, every day to see a lot of A5 and news of webmaster Wangzhuan, see how to make the number of days the very heart, so quit business has been in my mind for brewing, but their technology is not enough, afraid to resign later can’t even support himself, so has been dragged in. But as time goes on, the idea gradually formed in the heart, until one day, determined to start the real owners of the road.

not included no ranking because they chose the wrong direction, consider the issue is not detailed enough. When the second began, is still not included, still no rankings, but I know the right direction, so we always insist, insist on more than a month’s time, time >

the beginning may he hold his idea is too simple, starting with the Taobao customer. After for me not too simple steps, finally have their own Taobao guest website page, in general, not what attraction, built using the free program. First select a very popular keywords, the fantasy ranking optimization before a few pages, and then wait for the money. But the tragedy is not included, for a long time, home are not included. I was in accordance with the method we said, well after the link, do BBS signature, but half a month later, still no response. This has been to encourage their own, after about a month, fell in love with the sea had barely begun included, but later keyword ranking tardy, finally there is no ability to do so, not knowing.

wrote this topic today is my keyword ranking just to get a promotion, so as to summarize personal feelings prompted by a sudden impulse. In fact, some of these feelings I still want to say a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but, after all, after one thing, your thinking and mentality will change. Today is my own share of Shanghai Longfeng further understanding, that is to insist on innovation and.

after this experience, I have discouraged. But did not give up, carefully summed up their own problems, it is the Shanghai Dragon technology learning is not deep enough, just caught a bad way, with a little bit of others at the same time, the choice of keywords also have problems, too hot, too greedy, to finally accomplish nothing, but also wasted a lot of time and energy. But for me, this is also a kind of harvest, because I have been to second times the cumulative being well prepared. The second time after the adjustment, I now have a relatively simple website program, the website program is very easy to control, the Shanghai dragon effect is good, after a month of efforts, finally have a little harvest, but also to get some Taobao customers of the Commission, in the two days before Friday update my keyword ranking again to get a rise, so I have feeling very. And share a little of his own experience, no experience, just sharing with you.

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