The site is blocked behind several search engines


external links including unstable chain has no regularity, less time, increase the number of links within a short period of time, such behavior will be regarded as cheating in search engine. In addition, the poor quality of the external links, is a waste of the chain, come and go, in other words, the chain lost too quickly, for example, before I know what to do in Shanghai love to answer a quiz, random points, and then leave your own web site, seemingly soon be recorded but, after a while it has been deleted, the most sad is that I love Shanghai know site web shield.

grassroots webmaster less time, their habits are not the law, it is no more time to write the original article, so some webmasters will use collection way to update the contents of the article, and the content is collected or indexed by search engines, or is being reprinted articles, such the content of the website is harmful. In addition, the content of the website update time is not the law and update frequency is too high, is also the cause of the site blocked.

as a web site optimization master, see their operations a few years the site was search engine blocked, it is a matter of how heartache ah! Sometimes you think what they did not commit mistakes, why they included into zero (input site:+ your website domain name in the search engine can search website remember, without 贵族宝贝), all the keywords ranking all out, this situation will lead directly to the owners of the revenue decline, or even life, today I will give you that website blocked.


some owners in order to save time to release the chain, using mass software, mass software can release many external spam links within a short period of time. In addition, some owners also buy a lot of black links and Ming links, domain name, keyword accumulation, page Jump and other methods, these are >

fourth, external links unstable

, the first web content by

Links can help you improve the website keyword ranking, but the other site came right or be K your site will be. Before I met such a thing. The advertising on other people’s Web site, the site was blocked after others, their website is also the tie, advertising picture is equivalent to images, so we must not ignore.

We all know that website optimization cheating


second server, reasonThe

server stability is also an important standard for the web site search engine block, in other words your website cannot be opened normally, what about site optimization? The poisonous spider to your site, find your site isn’t open, let the spider home on an empty stomach. The server is not stable common reason is being attacked and hanging horse, as long as you do security work, that is not what big problem.

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