The website included snapshot low Teach you a few strokes easily increase included snapshot

said many webmaster website application easily, want to site bigger and stronger special difficulties. Do soft Wen promotion page, but also wrote included in the site is still very low, in fact, I want to say is your website promotion time? Website content update frequency is? If you don’t know much about your own website of these two questions, I want you to use a search engine to search. It is clear. Today we see I wrote the article not to listen to lessons, want to know to improve the recording and snapshot method, I’m not here a long and minute statement, into the theme of the direct method to increase the recording and snapshot of my purse granted.

says you want to know whether the site is included to see the spider crawling, some main website has been updated but did not find the spider is this why? This situation I have encountered, I have a problem so Web site space is not included, other sites under IP I was punished, I lead the website implicated. The host can be shared, but in order to ensure that the site is included, will you hold on to other sites included IP to each week, if a large area is not included, your new site should be professional to other IP. When you IP a professional website, website wenyiding to ensure quality, in accordance with the original, the original update speed can keep updating.

write soft text is one of the means of promotion, we must adhere to it every day, so as to ensure the update frequency of the website. Some of the newcomers will say: at the very time every day in the update, but snapshot and included no change. I would like to ask how long you persist? A week or a month? If you insist on the webmaster will certainly find a website collect and snapshot has been on the rise, no matter in any things to adhere to in order to succeed. The search engine is the observation period, the observation update period of time you have been stable, no perseverance will be included, you are not in your give up regret? I give the new owners a trick, when you publish original observation space log website to view the spider crawling, if the spider crawling normal you must stick to update the article, until the period of the search engine after your site included will be bursting to improve. Don’t ask me how long is the search engine of the specific period, this depends on the quality of the content, cycle to determine, each site is different, so there is no way to determine the deadline. There are collected under normal conditions for two weeks, a month or so will every week increase included.

web site is not included more than two, there are a lot of reasons. When the website selection of site tools without security, website is linked to the Trojan will also affect the included. You can use the name CMS systems commonly used in the establishment of the time, or use the DIV+CSS station is also possible, not only the safety is not included in the site does not influence the complex. In order to promote and improve the weight of many owners would choose to exchange friend chain, after the exchange of good links do not think.

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