The original is not good with the user experience of the original is really good

to be able to solve the problem or reflect the current information

clear website theme, content must be consistent with the theme of

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from the figure we can see the contents of this website are all related to the construction of two divisions, which allows us to understand a truth, what is the theme of the site, so we content writing is what direction, can not be cross site theme to write, write the article that no users will love to see. For example: the user search keywords A two construction division of the word into your website, finally found in search content in your site has many related graduate articles, the user A shook his head off you ". No matter whether your website content is original in the user A is worthless article.

the user can’t drop the appetite, write what is

say you do the exam site, then your site theme is certainly related to the exam, but the exam is very many, if you are a graduate student website, the website content should be closely and graduate together, I have a webmaster friends do is the construction of two the division of the examination site, his website content is two level all around the construction division of the word to start the

original article is well written, but to write the original article technology is not necessarily good writing? Many webmaster write original articles are very sloppy, as long as is knocked out by the hands will be able to search engine support, in fact even if your article is original, but you there is no article reading user value, the value of search engines, this article is in line with the user experience of the article? A consistent user experience article should be able to solve the user needs to solve the problem of the article or the user can understand the industry dynamics of the article, for example, we can see a lot of content in the stock forum however, a lot of content is relevant to the discussion of the topic with the stock, this kind of content can not be used as the user needs to meet the search engine The class is not content to crawl.

speaking of writing this will make people feel a headache, some webmaster for the content of the website confused mind, insist, insist, insist on writing has become a pillar of many owners, but some insist on every day did not usher in a very good effect, for what? Because they don’t only know the original understand the user experience, and love Shanghai announcement said very clearly:

love Shanghai announcement: the webmaster should focus on the content of the website construction, website content and value only to improve the search experience to the user and search engine by the trust, webmaster friends, you see? You may have thousands of words of the original article, but it is not in line with the user value orientation with the search engine grab orientation, this original is meaningless to talk about how to write the original, can improve the site’s content and value of the search experience to the following.

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