The Shanghai dragon advanced three steps to perfect

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actually, each stage of Shanghai dragon is not what boundaries, when the third stage is a continuous learning process of charging, share good experience for Shanghai Longfeng practice, do not just stare at the eyes to increase the number of the chain, every day there are technical methods improve, this is the you have to reach the third stage, as it is a very simple process, but the real practice will find easier said than done really is very difficult.

in my opinion, this.

site has been improved, a lot of blog, the chain forum may have been saturated almost, this needs to be outside the chain of quality, can choose in some high weight site submission, like Admin5, station, DoNews is a good choice, if approved, respect the original reproduced in general will you keep the link, this time will bring you a lot of reprint chain.

to build a website, then submitted to the search engine to flex its muscles began to do the chain, if started in Shanghai dragon, this time need to do is keep Bo and continue to see the forum post, senior webmaster would not have said, may have already have so a batch of high weight blog, this time to do is in the blog with anchor text links a lot, but the primary webmaster don’t do this, early blog is used to support, not to use, this is the Shanghai Longfeng elementary stage.

it is Shanghai dragon novice, or already in the Shanghai dragon industry around the senior webmaster for a long time, Shanghai dragon the most important still need a specific implementation plan, a plan, an advanced general process, although everyone has their own unique way, but to do a Shanghai Longfeng project, summed up the mainstream in fact is still not out of the trilogy.

this stage usually lasts for a month, if you work very hard every day in the blog, this blog has been included, then you can do the chain in the blog, this time should be supplemented by social bookmarking, love Shanghai collections, noble baby collection, Sohu white society, recommended fruit are used. The blog is better written, adding these bookmarks, although the beginning may not have the effect, but in time, is still very impressive, blog, forum released outside the chain, a large number of bookmarks, so for a period of time, will find the keyword ranking will be significantly improved, though the chain is not necessarily the weight of how high, but this time the number of wins in the next, naturally, will enter the second order.

whether it is the primary stage or the second, not lost a thing is to find the chain, especially when entering the second order, usually have a good weight, it is difficult to exchange chain, a high quality the chain will be better than dozens or even hundreds of the chain. So, owners must pay attention to Links, learn to look for the quality Links to stationmaster is very important.

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