Reason analysis of website ranking stagnant

site was K, ranking recovery soon. Because the company has launched 7 new sites. So the need for the record. To check the relevant departments, we have found the record 2. So we have to cancel one another, to the next.


4. site was K

keyword accumulation, but I will never use black hat cheating, not by what brush ranking software group. Are very hard to keep the original information released every day 2-4 article. But suddenly one day, my website inexplicably pulled the hair, all snapshots, ranking all is 0. Then I made love Shanghai complaints. So for about a week, my website ranking back, but has not so, are not included in the snapshot. Hey, here, I have a sad. Now my website ranking than after K.

took over the site, with reference to the same industry ranked good website. So to follow someone else’s site layout, increase popular recommendation, which piled up a lot of keywords. So at that time have a good ranking. But with the love of the Shanghai rules adjustment, keywords accumulation has become the site of the mishap, and I still keep these, no change.

2. is not good management of the chain, the chain lost for good.

1. spam over

5. website for the cancellation, forced to hang overseas server.

love Shanghai’s ranking rules have been changed, and their optimization techniques are too poor. Because our enterprise website, in the promotion of their products. So I find a lot of B2B platform, to copy the product information to release. As there is no effect, I have to calm down and pay attention to the quality, no system to manage their chain. In order to facilitate memory, all my account password is the same. So I made a lot of garbage to the site outside the chain.

3. internal web site keywords accumulation of serious


a lot of network promotion personnel will encounter a "bottleneck" website promotion such as no matter what to do, the website ranking is stagnant. Take myself now optimization of an enterprise website as an example, the key is always hovering in the cable third page 24 position, also see a rising trend. This word is often used to Juai Shanghai home, let me worry. Our company is also a website optimization, is to network company to do. The same is a case, and 24. So I also through a variety of ways to understand what went wrong. The following is my analysis on the reasons of their stop website ranking.


new website promotion effect in order to shorten the cycle, the existing information inside the website to modify the connection. Many chain has included become invalid connection. There is no added later.

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