Take over the show when analyzing the optimization process and results of a month

website from the perspective of optimization of the chain and the PR is not enough, so the first to proceed from these two points, I always think that basic construction site is very important, only the foundation of stability, in the future development of the more powerful when it will not fall.

The resignation of

took over the show when the net after inertia on its overall review of a weight, included, snapshots, chain, chain, PR, world ranking, keyword ranking, interface style, user experience and so on, the whole website is still relatively strong, the user experience is good, really help for users, it has a fixed number of users. It contains about three million, ranking twenty thousand in the world, the website weight can also personally feel that the whole is very good.

in early June, late June (No. 20) in the new company, began to take over the company’s website show when optimizing the network promotion, until today just 25 days, in this close to a month website or some changes, personally feel that the whole is moving in the right direction, today is to optimize the process and results of this month’s summary, see the veteran, the novice can pay attention to, perhaps to help you.

But the

PR, the PR is 0, 09 years to build the station, now it is not short of time, the content of the site itself is good, but it is always 0, what happened? After looking to find this site chain is only two, but the chain is less, the chain twenty thousand for a collection of about three million sites, comparison is less. May the station early to now only pay attention to the site’s internal construction, while ignoring the external factors.

Shanghai Longfeng community has always been the "original king, the chain for the emperor", that the role of the chain is more important. In fact, people think the chain, PR chain, three aspects are complementary, so it should be developed at the same time, the construction of the chain and the chain of friends are conducive to the promotion of PR, so I decided to start from the chain and chain.

now the chain for the chain, personally feel that important matter quantity is more important, but I still used in some of the more.

first said the friends of the chain, we all know that the high quality of the chain for keyword ranking and PR promotion is very helpful, exchange links with your site, their PR, snapshots, and weights, and whether the right down, outbound links are to see, is a high quality chain from these aspects are considered. I insist on the exchange of two Links, of course selection is the same industry website, because we are shopping rebate types for some customers, with our strong website and set the world ranking, every fixed exchange of two PR3 or 4 of the friends of the chain, the chain put I want keywords. I think this upgrade later PR and keywords ranking or have some help. Remember that the chain is stable, a day too much is not what good thing, every day in order to achieve the purpose of quantitative change step by step.

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