Shanghai dragon more adhere to the self is king

first off, I’m not the title of the party. Recently some people ask me what to do, Shanghai dragon, as a novice how to entry, even their jobs are not too clear, generally not called the editor is Shanghai dragon or the Commissioner, the Commissioner of the chain. The Shanghai dragon novice don’t know what they are engaged in the work, even the significance of the work do not know what is more even knowing their work significance, but still make their work for the post.

first, the weight of the site itself, the weight of the high site more easily than the web site weight by favor, so even in the face of Shanghai Longfeng operation problems caused by the same ranking drop down right, a series of problems such as the weight of the high site easier to recover, the main performance in the domain name of the website, the website structure website, website program, time and other aspects reflected.

now the face of the Internet and books like a sea of Shanghai dragon, always let people see dazzling, especially for the novice scholars, Shanghai dragon is very fuzzy, encountered such overwhelming tutorials and experience becomes more muddled. Time is to have a certain experience, the Shanghai dragon theory also seems to be at a loss what to do Public opinions are divergent., are justified, every webmaster has a set of optimization scheme of their own or team on operation and management are not the same, but the collection of all current Shanghai dragon tutorial, are similar, so why are different? This is the experience and the actual operation of the case of the more the truth.

today I can not say today to Shanghai dragon, believe that the optimization ability of a person who is taller than me just is a low-key meet the eye everywhere, optimization, I want to say is "different" existence. The combination of theory and practice and knowledge can be put into action, through 2 years of Shanghai dragon, also encountered a lot of contact sites, Shanghai dragon problem of every hue. However, every webmaster operations are different, but they can play the same role, the author analyze the reasons here.

third, the type of site, website, news

from my learning experience, just contact Shanghai dragon even when they do what work, the meaning of operations were not, know a few months later, by Links, PR these words and slowly learned how to search through the Shanghai dragon, he is a Shanghai dragon Er, after a long time contact Shanghai dragon more knowledge, do stand more, also becoming aware of the significance of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, process and skills of the most direct and straightforward description of the website is based on the internal and external structure optimization, make the site get better ranking and flow.

second, website content is king, often stressed this key issue, to seize the user’s heart is the most valuable website, a deep loved by the users, website stickiness high site, still can catch the user to ensure the flow.

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