Six long tail keywords optimization method

can share to WeChat, micro-blog, QQ or QQ group, Post Bar, watercress, bidding are some good drainage method. Need to be screened according to their own industry and products, choose a suitable way for external drainage.

is simple in terms of search terms is very long, but the user may search this word can be called the long tail keywords.

two, well within the station in chain

five, external flow guide

so for how to optimize the long tail keywords? Dallas Shanghai Longfeng share six long tail keywords optimization direction. Don’t know how to dig the long tail word can be read: five long tail keywords mining method is the most effective.

Six, friends of the chain turn >

example: I want to buy a computer, but the computer is not very good. So I will fall in love with the sea in search: what brand of computer is better? The search for keywords can be understood as the growth of tail words.

four, external links into


recommends the need to optimize the long tail word page or the page in the website is a very effective way to enhance the. Can also add articles or page links and keywords in URL station chain. Because the home link exposure will be higher than the column page, the search engine spiders crawling the page number is generally the most diligent.

three, the long tail keywords to the home page recommendation

need to check the long tail word page, the page is not around the long tail word of. There is no solution to the long tail word problem mentioned above, the picture is not relevant, do the basic work is the hard truth.

in the station is not ready related links to content recommendation, related contents at the end of the paper manually increase or related in the chain through technical means of recommendations are very helpful for ranking. Examples of an association between A and B; the article content can be one of. Such as: the column page will need to optimize the long tail word article or page top is good.

, a long tail word page content to control the quality of

do not know through the above sample without basic knowledge of whether Shanghai Longfeng boys understand

first, start to understand what is the long tail keywords? Why do we need to excavate and optimize the long tail keywords.

can increase the link to the page to vote through other platforms to optimize the long tail word, as in the Sina blog published an article with you to optimize the page content relevance, then you can add a link to the page long tail word. The best published content and to the optimization of the word is a bit correlation. You can also find some websites, blogs, forums, media and so on are good chain channels.


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