Senior bidding paid search solution must have the ability to

in industry verticals such as financial services, automotive, education, customers engaged with brands across many contact points. For example, consumers want to buy a new car may download a booklet for quotations, and before the purchase, find a dealer.


therefore, during use these incomplete data the purchase price, not profit maximization. In order to solve the switching delay, search engine marketing solutions to bidding, so they can be excluded from the calculation of the bid in recent days. Dynamic extension or shorten the rolling out of the window, according to business needs, achieve the best purchase price, a complete picture of the paid search based on performance.

initial advertising click and buy, or transfer delay, the time between different industries and product lines. The delay time can range from the same session a few months, a number of business; the high cost of products or services, income can go to anonymous clicks and spend long time data.


In order to solve the problem of the complexity of

in the fierce competition in the field of paid search, advertisers rely on driving sound bidding strategy of click and transformation, and ultimately get more income. However, it requires enterprises and bidding, the industry changed dramatically, publishers, equipment and region to create a highly complex auction environment.

if the customer through paid search click to enter the conversion funnel, obtained from the sales income can be attributed to the auto keyword. However, the conversion to buy a car delay time can last for several weeks to several months. Moreover, if the advertiser is hampered by the different techniques, the offline income may never be attributed to their paid search plan.

except rolling date range, search engine marketing solutions also need to tender, to exclude specific date and static date range. Throughout the year, brand experience increase and decrease in the conversion rate and revenue per click (RPC) due to seasonal factors. With the period of performance data, often leads to suboptimal bidding. However, management by exception, the bidding scheme is advanced, search engine marketing can quickly identify Islands or irregular data, and exclude the date or date range from the bid calculation.


and meet the tender requirements, search engine marketing, lean a variety of proprietary, the publisher and the third party scheme to calculate the optimal bid tender. Unfortunately, the solution is the six core attributes determine last month, rarely add extra layers for complex business needs.

today, we will find five kind of ability, not only meet these requirements, the search engine marketing, the implementation of advanced paid search bidding strategy.

2. Various types of

1. Out of date

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