Lantianting analysis how to look at Taobao brandished a knife to large flow activities

A few days ago, The specific contents are as follows:

in the flow of the activities of the market, taobao贵族宝贝 store has a threshold, usually requires a certain degree of credibility, while Taobao mall sign up is generally not a problem, unless operating very outrageous. As a result, even if Taobao mall sellers get a new product in large flow activities, but due to the influence of the ranking is greatly reduced, this is an opportunity for the market shop, in a short period of time, the number of transactions on the influence of the ranking, bazaar shop and shop mall status is almost equal, but please pay attention to. This is just a short time

] The Taobao

I think this is a hard hearted taobao贵族宝贝 the move will make many shopkeepers depressed.

also wants to the main push of this style of competitors, both ranking or conversion rate, are difficult to surpass you. Even if he later participated in large-scale activities, available >



brandished a knife, taking part in these activities after the necessity or feasibility of whether to reduce

then I estimate taobao贵族宝贝 will gradually withdraw certain categories of products of Juhuasuan search ranking number of transactions on the influence of Taobao products, unexpectedly, taobao贵族宝贝 revoke the ranking of all categories of goods for Juhuasuan to search the influence of the number of transactions. Not only that, taobao贵族宝贝 continues to flow of activities revoked brandished a knife, after participating in the activities, the number of transactions on the influence of Taobao search rankings.

wrote an article [taobao贵族宝贝 will exclude the influence of the rankings Juhuasuan

this adjustment "search results page" and "baby category list" in the "recent cjbs", will remove the "Juhuasuan", "special offer every day", "gold coin" and "trial center" and Taobao official activities during the sales are not included in the ranking;

this change is certainly influential, increased the difficulty of creating explosion models, for the novice to the Taobao store may be more pressure. But lantianting found the changes bring some little benefits.

no! This change to Taobao, increase the difficulty to create explosion models. Suppose that 2 jewelry shops also on a new pendant, and this style is "money", so for the large flow of activities is very important. If you beat me by Taobao large flow of activities of the audit, because the number of transactions and buyers participated in the activities of the evaluation of information commodity page is shown to enhance the conversion rate of the turnover of a powerful weapon, I think that no one will believe you into a critical commodity page, will look at the sales of goods and buyers evaluation. This is a very important point, a while ago, Wang Tong also made a similar argument, but Wang Tong described it as a herd mentality, but lantianting think this is the buyers looking for a sense of security is more appropriate. The transaction conversion rate is greatly improved, the number of transactions has also been a substantial increase, and have considerable influence on the rankings and conversion rate, more easy to let this become the commodity sales Wang style.

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