Overflow in the optimized enterprise homepage design sketch

the head of the page are generally put this enterprise logo, needless to say, every enterprise has its own unique logo. The importance of logo I will not bothersome, logo to find the best professional designer. Then add favorites, RSS subscription. Convenient collection and subscribe to your site visitors. Of course, favorites and RSS subscribers can refer to the actual situation of their own decisions with or without.


most enterprise website because the product is not much, leading to lack of website content. So the main content update is industry news, if the news is more difficult to write, or may not have so much news, in fact here can be replaced with "user notes" the use of other products. It is easy to write original articles, but also for the user experience is also very good, customers come to your website is not.


navigation is a key optimization, with the main business website navigation is most likely to "mistakes", many people love beautiful navigation style, such as: flash, gorgeous or good-looking JS effects. The main navigation best written in pure div+css code, in fact, div+css can achieve better navigation style. This should be with your clients, if you must use the flash navigation, then the bottom of the best plus a time as for navigation. And the navigation style is used in pictures, the ALT attribute must fill out each word pictures, this is the details, but also very important. In addition the name also contains the best navigation products your keywords, such as the form of screen stealth Miaochuang stealth Miaochuang price.

main navigation

the head of the page The

product picture switching display module can be more intuitive, vivid display of the company’s products, this place is generally realized by the JS effect, but also useful for div+css, a small amount of JS can not be avoided, the product below the picture plus short text better.

module is mainly used for selling products placed selling products, the main use of H1 tags. Each enterprise has its own flagship products, your main products "placed in the most conspicuous place, convenient for visitors click.

before I wrote a few key: enterprise website optimization, today we talk about how to design a reasonable corporate website, enterprise website basically have the same problem. If you are a programmer or designer responsible for the website, when you give someone a website. It’s good to know how reasonable layout of enterprise website. How to design web promotion, optimization is more conducive to the site later. The author designed a simple sketch, there are several modules, we hope that the valuable suggestions or comments.

selling products

picture display

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