How to do website layout so that search engine website by the Qing Mei

2:H2 label: "best not more than two times, is the main content. But the best and H1 tags were placed in different content, it is best to add some long tail keywords. Example: how to make a good website. How to manage web site



7 kinds of commonly used label correct use method is as follows:


3: ALT picture labels: search spider is not only able to look at the pictures, ALT pictures to describe qualitatively the contents of this picture.

2: if there are some columns to appear on the site but not how to update or use, which we can ban the spider crawling in the robots.txt file. The method is:

1: the site has little effect on the column, content, plug-in, we should try to do or not.

robots.txt but in the actual case files is a search engine, also does not necessarily respect, there are many students in the robots.txt website although banned, but was eventually crawling.

1:H1: the label should occur only once and is the core content of Web site keywords, can be what we want to do on the H1 label, each page H1 tags for different content. Example:

User-agent: * the mean from all search engines, if you only want to separate a ban can write a search engine named

on the site of the internal structure optimization we give below this in several ways to solve:

Disallow: /wp-admin/ is the prohibition of the entire directory search engine crawling

4:title page title: each page should ensure the page title. Usually, there are generally > website home page

: a good website construction of internal structure of the reasonable layout of

Disallow: /WP-login.php is the prohibition of a page search engine crawling

3:H3 and H4 H4 similarly, but generally more cases should be in the column list in the title, can appear more at the same time.

two: the use of a variety of web pages and the correct fit of label structure optimization plays a key role in

for any webmaster, I believe we do the purpose is to provide income for us through the website, so in this section we will focus on how to increase website traffic and how to optimize the site, how to meet the specification described, on site structure and layout is the moment we decided to site should start thinking about how to do site layout.

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