How to analyze the details of Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram by love


in love Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram, visitor behavior and page all indicators are reflected in the form of numbers. What is the meaning of these figures? How is calculated? What is the difference between the meaning and definition of index numbers of the

so we do Shanghai dragon love Shanghai how to use the statistical thermodynamic diagram analysis of "


the number of clicks is calculated?

Shanghai dragon, I want to love the Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram will not be unfamiliar. It is through the intuitive way to show visitors click behavior in web pages, and can tell you a different location, different style links and content popularity.

1. love Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram analysis of customer preferences of the web content of


(a point to note here is that all the links page clicks refers to all links to the PV of the target page, this page instead of PV

love Shanghai statistical link click default display index is the number of clicks, but actually love Shanghai statistics is not recorded in the page of the mouse click behavior. What happened in this position both click in the page. Then click on the number of data link in thermodynamic diagram is come from? The number of clicks actually refers to the target page link PV. That is to say, when a visitor clicks on the link in the page, only when the link target GATC page is completely loaded, love Shanghai in order to record the link is clicked. Otherwise, the click will not be recorded.

love digital Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram of the meaning of

formula: click on the link number / page links to all clicks.

From the above thermal

in Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram "details of the interface, is divided into two parts. Is a part of the display area of "thermodynamic diagram, it is to show visitors color change on the page click distribution, shows the current page by clicking on the link in different situation. The other part is a display area click on the map link, click on it to show the percentage of visitors on the page click distribution.

then clicks the percentage of thermodynamic diagram is how to calculate it? The answer is very simple, this page links are all links clicked divided by the page by clicking on the total percentage of hits.

can be seen in the figure, the main site navigation, customers click mainly in the server hosting, server rental, cloud hosting and on the four section, so we in the optimization of time, can be optimized to focus on server hosting, server rental, cloud hosting the three a forum, and expand on the two section of the long tail. In addition, users are also more concerned about our clients about this forum, hope to understand, so we in this section added in some of the company’s honor, ever of customer service case, show some companies "

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