ndustry website content updates to a reasonable response to the needs of three

3. different soft Wen promotion needs. We say respect for copyright, does not mean that can make promotion for malicious advertising, and some still illegal. With the popular DZ forum, the number of registered machine, posting machine is popular, many forums, impossible to guard against harm. If this is not good to take preventive and management measures, will affect the user experience, and may even cause the search engine punishment. Of course, some of the high quality of the release of the soft, suits and how our website theme, or should be allowed, he can to some extent make up for our rice pot without suffering.


2. correctly grasp the search optimization. We think of the upcoming update text editor to look at the first trial, careful screening, if you don’t go, how can let the spider satisfied. We recommend the original, but not against the pseudo original and reproduced, grassroots energy is limited, leveraging the development is normal, the key is to ensure the quality, can not be updated, a key acquisition and simple reprint set hard for a long time. We found that the articles reproduced the details of how to grasp the good itself does not affect the search engine, such as the layout is neat and beautiful, the over 500 words, has strong readability and so on. If the evaluation can be more conducive to the collection of users.

short, old secretary believes that the industry should adhere to the website content update timely, useful, authoritative and comprehensive principle, give full consideration to the target user, search engine and soft Wen promotion three party needs to update the site and orderly promote normal included. Friendship recommend Sanming 0598 talent network www.0598rc贵族宝贝. The new year is coming, here, I wish you a happy new year old secret, popularity doubled, income steadily high! Welcome to join the old secret QQ group: 14260122.

web content is the decisive factor of the user experience. Today the old secret to share with you how to cater to the target user needs, grasp the search optimization needs to resist malicious advertising needs to update the website article skills.

actively cater to the target user demand. Webmaster build an industry website, is involved in light industry interest is not enough, must have sufficient understanding of the industry, even if you can’t, at least the partners would have expertise, otherwise it is difficult to keep up with the demand of the development of the industry. Usually the development of the industry needs are dynamic, the stage, which requires updating the content requirements of the "new" and "fast", "quasi". The old secret network as an example, the Secretary of the party and the government based on the understanding of the industry, the two months before the end of the year, we focused on 2011 issued a summary and 2012 work plan and other related articles, very welcomed by the users, other industry websites can also be an important holiday promotions, event marketing, hot debate topic of speculation and so on, the biggest to attract attention, to meet the needs of.

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