Yang Nanqiang how to improve the accuracy of the anchor text chain

The correlation between

use the third party platform outside the chain construction is the most important link in the process of Shanghai dragon, and fully demonstrated the overall traffic to improve keyword ranking effect, need to start from the inside and outside of the station, the station building links the importance of the anchor text can’t be seen. How to achieve the effectiveness of the link anchor text is very important, which often need to grasp the anchor text selection accuracy, anchor text correlation to link text accurately.

anchor text in addition to selection accuracy, also need to grasp the love Shanghai in search of recognition accuracy, which is uncontrollable factors, love Shanghai spider crawling the index may exist error, which we need to think more to avoid these problems, the research on love Overseas chain, will find some rules followed by.

anchor text is very important, which mainly contains the correlation and the correlation between the theme of the platform, in the chain in the process of construction, the construction of the high quality chain necessary condition is correlation, the anchor text is a form of the chain in the anchor text, so the sex is a must, at the same time also need to grasp highly correlated with the theme, the theme of the content is about the Shanghai dragon aspect, so the anchor text must also echoes.

if the pure text links in content, love some errors still exist in Shanghai search engine recognition, which often happens is the link text recognition as plain text links before words in the sentence.

if using this kind of plain text form to indicate the original source of love, so Shanghai search engine will identify the link text "by

A, a text link text anchor text



2 and the anchor textCorrelation of

anchor text selection is very important, usually through the use of the long tail word development tools and statistical tools (CNZZ statistics and love Shanghai Statistics) to understand the user search behavior, and according to the key words the recent ranking effect is not particularly desirable, the landing page, the proper distribution of the outer chain construction process, reasonable utilization of the platform to do overall, improve site traffic. Also need to pay special attention to the same page building the chain should be concentrated, and the appropriate expansion of correlation of the long tail word anchor text.


1, select the anchor text

pure text links is a form of construction of the chain, in order to more conducive to search engine rankings, given pure text links each page in this kind of reasonable the most, how to make love Shanghai search engine to identify the link text accurately is very important, we need to do from the period, at the same time pay attention to the good the habit of attention to avoid.

Chongqing Shanghai dragon"

3, the anchor text of the accuracy of

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