Why do you love Shanghai without the search site map


in the quality of the content and relative ranking about the site, and when users search keyword search engine to a web site with the web content inside the picture, the user clicks are more pictures with a website, but not with pictures of the site because of the lack of people clicked on, after a period of search engine to update the list, not with pictures of the website ranking drop down a lot, even there is no rank only included. A search engine for the main factors of keywords ranking or reference user click behavior, if your website ranking in a period of time there is no user search click access, then your website means that they do not create value for the user, the search engine will reduce your web site keywords ranking or get rid of your web site keywords ranking, the ranking of keywords assigned to other sites, this is why your site for a period of time is not a ranking, ranking one of the important reasons. After some time

went back to the question of what we have said, how to make your own website is love Shanghai content search engine in the collection and indexing inside the website, by taking the contents on the website pictures, pictures of the role to promote and increase the user clicks to induce users to click the contents on the website, in the age of the Internet, no matter young Internet users or older carers more love "picture is truth", with web search with a picture of the site by reason why more and more users click on the favor and trust in the.


in fact, personnel website optimization promotion operations like Lang Shanghai Longfeng optimization, according to the website operation promotion maintenance purpose is to increase the site’s access to the IP or buy our products or services, and how to effectively increase the website user visits our operating maintenance or buying products and services? This is our operation as a promotion personnel need to be considered, so how to increase the site’s user visits? No doubt is the most important to increase the number of sites are included in the search engine and index, followed by a good website ranking in the search engine and index. So the question is, why do you have a good ranking site for a period of time, after a period of time after no ranking, this is why


sometimes we are in search of some key words, the content of the website will show some pictures, and some sites in the search process of a picture is not displayed, but in most cases we search keywords, will choose the pictures with the URL to access. At the same time with the URL of the image more easily by the user’s trust and attract users, so the website optimization promotion operation and maintenance personnel, what are the ways you can make your own website displays pictures in the user search keywords love Shanghai? How to love the Shanghai index website content automatically with pictures, add visit the site of PV

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