Through simple methods and tools for analysis of vehicle keywords data

then drag the cell. All this keyword data are out.


then click, more keywords.

back to the quantum statistics interface, select the basic data, the same, the selected baby reports, promotion plan, data period (the same with the above selected period of time). Click start to query

, a data acquisition, each about three minutes.

entered the shop by quantum Hengdao – Transformation – three days of data transformation, here is a selection of baby conversion report, promotion plan, data query time, start.


Click the "

most people do train promotion mainly use keyword promotion, if many words, the analysis is a very troublesome thing, in many cases, only "see" data is very easy to make a mistake. The train is a precise marketing tool, we will strive to the most accurate data analysis. Here to share with you the train I use keywords data analysis table.


4, open the downloaded document, copy all the lexical information to keyword analysis table. First, second do not need to copy.

put these keywords copied to the EXCEL table, delete the independent columns, only show the amount and average show ranking, the two column number >




5, to replace the table all the "$"


1, download the baby three days into the keyword report:

word", opened the baby keyword report.

6, fill in the current conversion rate, expect ROI (or the current ROI), profit. So you can compare the conversion cost, flow value, ROI. Each parameter can according to the size, very convenient.





are you going to show the average ranking added, click the small arrow to the right of choice, in descending order, this is to be consistent with the basic data. #p#: #e#

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