The origin of the website of Shanghai Dragon those things about the site outside the chain


2. blog chain. This is a way I admired. Because of the weight of the chain is relatively high, but also more stable. Of course, the chain blog is "to keep out the attention of your blog. You want to make this blog "grown up", and the hair of the chain. A just for the blog chain in which you hair is no effect or no effect. Many readers have a lot of complaints nofollow tags in the blog, and resulted in no increase in weight. But, please remember the role of the chain is not only the weight, the more important is that it is an entrance.

3. forum outside the chain. This is a grey area. In fact, Shanghai officials have declared this love chain is not loved Shanghai recognized the chain of garbage. But when we were in domain. You can still see a lot of "forum on the forum some. Regardless of whether it is "legal", the author of the chain is not respected. Because it is not stable! The chain characteristics of the forum is the hair of the chain is easy, but it is easy to be deleted. The official also announced the legitimacy of it, I am afraid that one day, Baidu suddenly put it as cheating, the webmaster can go home crying. And from the current trend, the author believes that it is sooner or later.

last time the author mentions the role of the chain in the "forgotten by the people of Shanghai dragon" in the fundamental. Today I came with you a detailed explanation by the play in the chain website optimization and the role of some of our common misconceptions. The last time I mentioned that there are two main effects: increase the chain site entrance and increase website weight. But love Shanghai for the chain of combat is more and more strict, the lead author of the in home owners see a sigh Starving people fill the land., now no place to send the chain, and the chain how to send posts. Today I have to share with you, those things about the site outside the chain.

first we look at the definition of the chain: the site from others into your links. Please note that the link is. We often go to check their site number outside the chain of love Shanghai domain command. In fact, strictly speaking, it is a misunderstanding, we see hundreds of thousands of people, not the chain, what is called the correlation domain. In 2 out of Scindapsus algorithm today we should go where the hair of the chain, and how to send

1. rival chain. When our website rankings do not, we are the most direct and effective method is to look up the site, is how to do, and then imitate. For example, a web site of the key word is "terminal", the author in Shanghai love input terminal, and then find the row in Shanghai love home business website, then the domain web site, the chain to collect their website, when you will collect all the chain resources in Shanghai love home the enterprise website is good, and a good time to release your chain, I think your website has gone beyond them, at least in the chain has gone beyond them.


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