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in order to improve site weight from the second, improve the user experience perspective

station to see their own point of view in the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER in essence of the content in the appropriate anchor text for the link to the construction of the chain in the site, but from the user’s standpoint, this is a kind of implementation of the substantive content after reading guidance, such as the user is interested in or is confused place, make the anchor text related links, users are more likely to find themselves interested in the topic, along with the baidu algorithm to update, the user experience is now a critical standard Baidu website scoring, the most intuitive judgment of the user experience good or bad is a website PV, when the PV value is high at the moment of the site love is possible by the user, if the substance has the anchor text link to this site, to treat Chen descriptions and links in a place to own website, baidu It is easy to judge the substance by the station was original, this point you can go to the "Chong Shanghai dragon website how to do fine shallow content construction of" see, the user experience is a very important problem.

Baidu requirements for the substance of the site and standard has been improved, cheating, pseudo original is not OK, and included in the site is the most important substance around the launch, the substance of the quality of direct vote included things. However, many of the new station in Shanghai in front of love, often long time only included the home page of the website, and not included the essence of the content page, if the content of your essence has been keep doing, love of Shanghai is still not included, the anchor text links this moment will be content to do some thinking about the problem. This station www.chong Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 Information Center, most of the keywords are contained in the website mainly, such as blog Quanfa, forum Quanfa core keywords, you can view a collection of good new sites, will find many substantial contents are added at the end of the substantive content recommendation, in the middle of inserting a post anchor these links, related substance not only can guide the users to extend the reading can also be performed, revealed a link to the website keywords, also let the spider crawling in the process, again to grab the essence of other website content pages, so to a certain extent, can help improve the factors included substance.

webmaster for website content compilation time, anchor text links will be integrated into the web site keywords in the text, but a little webmaster are likely to pay no attention to, that is if there is no website keyword articles within the chain, no website, do not do the anchor text. Many webmaster do not attach importance to the function of the chain anchor text, this compares other aspects are effective use, then Shanghai dragon er from which some aspects of the objective understanding of the anchor text chain

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