E mail advertising market in ChinaHow do you experience branding Let products into households

according to iResearch iResearch launched the latest "2004 Chinese Network Advertising Research Report" data show that in 2004 China license E-mail marketing not including email mail carriers to their members, and enterprises to take advantage of their members to send Email market marketing with the size of 70 million yuan, in 2005, 2006. Reached 90 million yuan and 110 million yuan.

2 target population

good case: Xinhua online to see an article "the Secretary" to Taobao, 27 year old Xu Xiaolei after graduation in the Mission District, while the traditional work mode cannot mobilize the enthusiasm of young people, by Taobao shopping gave him a great inspiration, like online shopping, because of its has the characteristic of "convenient", once again after shopping to fill in the evaluation, he suddenly thought of Taobao is an infinite open platform, which can accommodate thousands of people, and the party building work need to adopt opinions, if used in this way to take advice, must improve the quality of work, to apply for consent in class, in 2011, a "360 youth service concept store shop in the Taobao platform, and ushered in the" hot business ", in this regard, the Mission District continues to expand the scope of services, the formation of a The "red Amoy Communist service station" in the "360 youth service concept store" be made one for "red Amoy shop", the public buyers through Taobao Wangwang, published and voluntary or have any need, can according to the demand of pat can, through the network platform to collect public opinion and understanding of the people, get the best feedback.

1 product itself


Xu Xiaolei’s success is that he really takes into account the needs of the audience, the interests of the audience to maximize the better service, to do the most personal increase in user volume

see the "promotion" two words always unavoidably eyes always emerge several uniformed young people took with our own brand logo poster or manual, the shuttle in the heavy traffic flow, release… This is a generalization of the most simplified first, now with numerous brands in the market, street, airport, supermarket, subway, TV, network,,, they are everywhere, they are equal to anything to meet the needs of the people there.

brand promotion Trilogy

remember, all your goal is "consumers" of your target audience, as the promotion he is your God, not from your point of view, think what is good and what is bad, most probably it did not actually happen ideas, and empiricism, will only make you suffer a big loss.

however, in the market under the condition of the pile up in excess of requirement, obviously, some products are flooding, often sold out of stock, but some of which makes "pile up like a mountain hand, brand promotion" is derived, usually before a product available to the publication, circulation market, "brand promotion" is essential, and brand promotion that means, a variety of ways have been developed, how the promotion effect, has been a problem.

is the promotion of the product characteristics, the use of the products, features, available time, what is the effect of its own advantages, give you the products to be both beautiful and stunning opening, let all people’s attention was drawn to it, this is a good start.

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