A NB technology venture failed to rethink whether to continue making products or making moneyn the

friend nearly 3 years of entrepreneurship, their money, did not receive a penny of wages from the company, it is with the breath. He asked my advice, I suggest, do a thorough transformation time, give up this product, do first profitable outsourcing, can do? He said very tangled.

!Well done

. At the time when looking at the vertical business community in the United States is good, anxious to start, think of products made out of refinancing, the two years after the concept is no longer affected by investors pursued, itself did not consider how to make money.


this two days with a NB technology to chat, he was a well-known Internet Co in the technology of middle, good team with very strong ability, 3 years ago, with the other two partners together 2 million business, to be a world changing products. A few years later, products generally do, also did not make money, the key is money almost, can only rely on external support, nurturing team products.

4, ! 3, did not consider the realization of

in the end is to continue to do the product, or to make money. His pioneering reflection:

Major League review does not pass, Little League always cheat us!? online now seems to be a advertising alliance evaluation network, there are a lot of advertising alliance evaluation, I went to see included many of the league, as the host evaluation network face, regardless of whether he is what kind of, we can make small owners avoid fraud the alliance is


did not know that I do not say, the first step is to do the webmaster evolutionary step garbage station, cheat the flow of money to advertise, earned the money to do business in transition in 2009 stationmaster station… Extraordinary years, not easy! What time is the money to start walking so what!? early start, early to earn

@ wrong knife, science and technology business observers. The new minimally invasive and minimally invasive new research center founder. WeChat search public number wrong knife, or the public number ijincuodao, or scan the following two-dimensional code

technology is very strong, the operation is a big short board. He is kind of community products, reflection, operation first, products and technology is not the first. The operation may be the biggest enemy ignore many technology business. sh419 has three carriages that is the product + technology + operation, can not be neglected.

? How to do? The traffic did not earn money the time come true, what money? Normal commercial station, we do not concentrate on doing small webmaster! Stop? Flow so hard for. Hey, our station leaders have become discouraged to do the station, and the total investment is not directly proportional to the return. Poor and sad! Sad,

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2, the wolf is not enough, not enough barbaric growth.

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traffic, users do not leave, don’t we? Small webmaster really no way out? Not! Based on the original site traffic to AAA times the traffic flow to buy a gold medal for alliance, real ones, can earn more to earn more, honest people what time is not to earn money, the old thinking do stand, when people earn money, you head of white hair worry depressed

at the thought of Sun Taoran "business records" 36 sentence: postures, sichanlanda. The impression is very deep, and you start on the road of the students sharing.

1, too idealistic. Always want to change the world with the products, companies get very early Silicon Valley fan, lying on the ground is full of toys, a lot of free food in the fridge. The technical architecture selection is the new RUBY, of course, is not good for people. Always want to realize their ideals and dreams, but not down to earth.

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2009 is the advertising alliance of mad cow disease in high-risk, Little League, everyone can open, reputation is getting worse; we cheat the small liar alliance as cruel as a wolf, not 09 years long; perennial webmaster, do what is not easy, the original station do not earn money, only to engage in cheating to earn money and smoke for the meal but just advertising are frequent

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