2013 Shanghai dragon dilemma

picture 3: following the use of this software is one of the many Shanghai dragon master before buying all know: Scindapsus algorithm prior to XXXX com[here is not at all] website main keywords ranking top three love Shanghai, long tail keywords up to more than 600, 6 of the weight of love Shanghai. After this algorithm Scindapsus aureus, the site has been basically nothing:


webmaster should know, the chain has become fashionable for a time in blogs and forums on the signature, most of them have been blocked, few can also send, its main purpose is to attract the spider.

experts secret:

There is a class of Before

Links has developed for many years, but in recent years Links trading flooding, love Shanghai in the fight can be said to spare no effort, this is the main algorithm of Scindapsus, against link trading, independent links and link optimization excessive behavior.


picture 2: help station Shanghai dragon plug-in, applicable to other template:

and friends of the chain business excessive, is one of the main factors causing the green update algorithm.

once the chain for the Emperor:

picture 1: help station Shanghai dragon plug-in, suitable for DZ template:



" the content is king, the chain for emperor " once the Shanghai dragon circles the truth! But in February 20, 2013, with the Shanghai love Scindapsus algorithm falls, this sentence was completely rewritten: content is king, content is king! Love Shanghai update algorithm has never been stopped, we all work together in this review:

link optimization method, once the core secret secret: many Shanghai Dragon Master Qiao chain variable single chain. This kind of method is through the software tools, the original two-way Links into each other, one-way links pointing to your website. But this point on your website, or use Webmaster Tools query does not come out completely. Scindapsus algorithm before the weight of many one-way links to transfer, can be done within 1 weeks to make your website ranking the first love in Shanghai. Unfortunately, this technique, after Scindapsus algorithm eventually became the Dutch act after. The following is the introduction of this tool to show, I believe many former master reading will feel very warm. ^_^

Scindapsus algorithm, the webmaster love in the link, link the cheating also was not poor. But in the green algorithm after love Shanghai has put the importance of links from a to B, the optimization of website links to the appropriate number can bring help, but want to rely on the cumulative number of links to quickly obtain the website ranking, is tantamount to self immolation digging. This >

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