For some personal views on the new Shanghai Dragon

in the construction of the station should establish their own keywords which, how competition dynamics. Generally speaking for the novice webmaster not suitable for some of the more popular keywords, and instead choose some less popular keywords. In the confirmation of good keywords and should be confirmed according to the key words to write the title and description of the website, you must be careful, because it should not change the title and description once written, otherwise it will directly affect the effect of Shanghai dragon.

after the site will have to start to promote the work of the. This phase of the work is very important, especially for the novice webmaster must be careful, must not be careless. In Shanghai dragon skills are hard case the author strongly suggest the webmaster to update daily original content, pseudo original content in the author’s opinion is not desirable, because the pseudo original poor readability, only to search engines, users seem to feel very comfortable, so for those who want to do for a long time and accumulation the popularity of the site is best not to use false original article. According to the author’s experience, to improve the original ranking of the great force of love Shanghai. The cool 90 community without building a chain in the early site conditions on the original updated every day, there is a love Shanghai index for one hundred key ranking was the third row in the home page, visible for a site how much force.

in many cases, the personal website for the search engine’s dependence is very strong, to get a lot of traffic at the head of the Shanghai dragon skills have much solid optimization. For the skill is not tough enough for the stationmaster site’s ranking will maintain a stable range will have a certain degree of difficulty, resulting in site visits when less, is not very stable. Then, according to the author’s personal experience with just crossed the threshold of the Shanghai dragon novice webmaster to talk about some personal views of the Shanghai dragon.

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novice webmaster should confirm their website type in the construction site before, what are the analysis of the website directly or indirectly competitors. For the novice webmaster should know is the number of the chain and the competitor’s original degree and the PR value, snapshot time and love Shanghai weight, these data can be found by some such station webmaster tools such as love. Only know that can let the novice webmaster will do website ranking in the top position.

Shanghai Phoenix Station under construction

Shanghai dragon in the optimization of

novice webmaster should choose a stable in the station before IDC operators. The stability of operators is the foundation of Shanghai dragon in the foundation, do not occur every two or three days website isn’t open, otherwise can lead to be search engine punishment, the light is right down, heavy K station, and the new head of the Shanghai dragon skills are hard, hard but not more than less achievements, so in the choice of servers also should be cautious. For example, the cool 90 community choice is ranked first in the Western Digital IDC operators.

station after

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