Some examples of analytical software download site optimization tips

classification based on keywords

A5 before they see a lot around the author mentioned Website Title weight is very high, and very sensitive to this place, once finalized do not change, if you change the frequent words will be regarded as cheating spider. In addition, when the web site keywords optimization, combined with the title title, will play a multiplier effect.

after several months of exploration and optimization, the site now to the home page, though not before three, but also the next day this has been updated snapshot,

When The

three set a new program, improve the user experience and content update frequency


two index page

is now a webmaster to say "user experience", which has become the industry’s unspoken rule, of course, I am no exception, should be in addition to the RSS subscription, back to the top button and love Shanghai share button, I also specially set up a special download section, users can according to their own needs to choose the software fast download.

due to regular working hours, wages and salaries are not ideal, already restless I resolutely resigned began his head. But the ideal is full, the reality is skinny. Originally thought that the webmaster can easily make money at home, did not think the site is an on-line, IP independence day visits poor, even their living expenses are not. Then an old webmaster reminds me to optimize the website, so in the vast network of the world in a seat.


PS: for the site title, the webmaster must be presented with a complete sentence, so that their weight from the search engine is not very ideal.

let me very satisfied, I will combine their own website about my own experience in website optimization.

is my site optimization key for keyword set, because we want to do everything possible to increase the attractiveness of the website in the eyes of spiders, and this time we will be graded according to their own products and web page related keyword index, index, on the home page, then channel page, column page, page list step by step, deployment, nature will not go wrong. "Software" index is the highest, I should have put it in the home.



a website title and keywords matching


is like my own software download sites, the website main keywords "green software" and "free software" I will be added to the web site in the title, this way can effectively improve the keywords ranking.

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