Shanghai dragon Er content of the work is the chain how simple You’re wrong!



two, the industry and to determine the site keyword classification


sites do Shanghai Longfeng goal is to achieve a high conversion rate of flow, backstepping, high conversion rate of the flow of the first is to have the user search, there is traffic, traffic will need to want to have enough website keywords have good rankings in search engines.


is in the eyes of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is almost synonymous with the Commissioner of the chain, in the end what work of Shanghai Longfeng employees? Is it really just change the site title and meta meta tags, and then to yourself the chain and the original, false original article

or a limited number of "not enough to support too much to do keywords ranking, it needs to have enough pages to load these keywords, and have a high quality the chain enough to improve the weight of websites and web pages, so we must strive to create Shanghai Longfeng enough pages and outside the chain of high quality for the web site.

is so not the whole industry, but such cases are not uncommon, this is also the Shanghai dragon industry a sorrow, so Shanghai dragon from the real work personnel in the end what? There and talk about the following simple yang.

first analyzes the present situation of internal website, is not conducive to the search engines where the title and meta tags based is not repeated or inappropriate place, page H1, bold, pictures, alt, keyword layout is reasonable, directory settings, page type, page content quality, content update mechanism robots file, and the chain of health is not a problem.

to determine the site of the industry and classification related keywords, to dig according to industry keywords, which contains the long tail keywords, according to the length and type of key words.


chain is indeed most of the work of their work and even all the work, so many companies in Shanghai Longfeng employees scorned because of technical staff, technical staff that Shanghai dragon in addition to submit boring modified title and meta meta tags is not what the demand.

believes that many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners due to exposure to the type of site, are now in this state, if they ask Shanghai dragon to do is the most important what work, most of the basic answer is three words "the hair of the chain".

, a website analysis the present situation of internal


in turn to imagine, Shanghai Longfeng employees took over a regular site, if the site is not only the impact of several key words, but by the growth of long tail traffic, so no matter how the size of the site, the station needs to do the job should have at least the following dimensions:

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